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Hero Moms Host Back-To-School Wine & Donut Party In Their Pajamas

Back-to-school is a bit fraught for some parents. It signals another year of your kids getting older, growing up and away from you. Another summer gone, a return to routine and structure after possibly enjoying a bit more carefree lifestyle over the holidays. That's for some parents, of course. Not everyone. For some parents it's maybe a cause for celebration. Like these moms whose back-to-school wine and donut party went viral. Obviously all moms should be adopting immediately.

Minneola, Florida mom Shawna Genua and her fellow mom friends Bridget Brown, Jennifer Patterson, and Robyn Kelly weren't exactly crying their eyes out when it was time for their kids to go back to school. Perhaps because they have a whopping total of 18 kids between them between the ages of 3 to 36 years old, 14 of whom are still in school. As Genua told USA Today, "So imagine spending all summer with them... yea! Everyone else was posting sad photos. While we were sad, too, we also celebrated! We wanted to do something different — to make people smile on a day they would normally be sad."

And do you know what makes people smile? Big glasses of wine, pajamas, and a box of donuts.

The four friends shared a photo of themselves sitting on lawn chairs in Genua's driveway, wearing pajamas and robes with big goblets of "wine" and a box of donuts. They are posing beside a chalkboard that reads "First day of school 2019. #ByeFelicia." Genua captioned the Facebook photo:

First day of school!!!! Whaaaaaaaat!!!!Some of you are sad. This is me and my girls. We will be juuuuuuust fine

For me it is the pure unadulterated joy on their faces. Others agree. Genua's post, which she also shared on her photography page Wee Winks Photography, obviously went viral for all the right reasons and those reasons are called wine and donuts and friends and freedom.

I wasn't the only mom to look at this photo shoot and see endless possibilities. Other fans took to Genua's Facebook page to share their delight and stories of their own back-to-school traditions with their friends:

I’ve hosted the same thing 2 years in a row already! We actually make it a mimosa morning, and others bring breakfast tacos and snacks. I’m glad to know that there are fellow moms with similar genius ideas out there!!! Have fun!
This is hilarious!!!!! Yaaaaa Moms!!!!!!
This is THE BEST PHOTO OF THE FREAKING YEAR!!!! After a summer of 4 children eating us out of house and home, I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL Sept. 3, 2019 @ 7:45 a.m.... when they begin to ROLL OUT!!! Kudos to all four of you FABULOUS WOMEN!!!

There were plenty of people who were mad at the photo, big surprise. People accusing these moms of not working and day drinking, although Genua noted in an interview with TODAY that the moms were actually drinking fruit punch since it was too early in the day for wine. As for their kids? Apparently they were not fans, as Genua told Fox 35 Orlando,

The older ones are now disowning us because of how far these pics are going. We have threatened to walk them to school in our robes.

Of course you know what we say to all the detractors coming after moms for finding a few moments to themselves to have fun?

Bye Felicia.