One Texas mom pranked her husband with a fake baby.
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This Wife Pranked Her Husband With A Fake Baby, But His Reaction Might Be Funnier

If you thought your husband was the only one glued to their video games, one Texas mom has a treat for you after she recorded a hilarious prank she pulled on her own husband. In a viral video shared on Instagram, Kristy Scott filmed herself asking her husband, Desmond, to hold their 11-month old son as he played video games. Wearing a headset and a controller clutched in his hands, the mom of two handed him a baby. No, not their baby, a fake baby. So please just imagine what unfolded.

As Scott documents in her hilarious video, five minutes, 10 minutes, and finally 20 minutes go by, and Desmond was still totally clueless about the doll he was holding on his lap. And, fortunately, the whole time Scott was recording his reactions from her phone.

"Babe you’re still good?" she asks him.

"Yea," he replies, his eyes still glued on the game.

"Look down at your son," she tells her husband. And once he did, all he could do was laugh uncontrollably.

"I really had no idea what to expect," Scott, who is also a content creator and co-owner of wedding and videographer business Meant To Be Films, tells Romper. "But I was pretty confident that he wouldn’t notice right away."

While handing him a plastic baby doll was hilarious in and of itself, the whole prank is even funnier when you realize it did not even look like their son, as Scott noted in the caption of her viral video. “I ordered a mixed baby and they sent me a white baby,” she wrote on Instagram.

So far, Scott’s video of this hilarious prank, which she shared last week, has over 568,000 likes on Instagram. You can watch the full five-minute video of the prank on the family's YouTube channel.

As you can tell by a quick glance at her Instagram page, the Scotts are a very fun, loving, and family-oriented pair who seem to enjoy finding the laughter and joy in life. Some of their latest posts, for example, show the family doing a cute video to TikTok’s #fishingpole "Reel It In" song and the "what's in the box" challenge.

Scott tells Romper she's "definitely the biggest prankster" in the family, and beyond making her 493,000 followers laugh, they enjoy the hilarious shenanigans, too. "We both get a good laugh out of it," she says.