Jennifer Lopez is inspiring moms to post photos of their bikini bodies.
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Moms Are Posting Bikini Pics After JLo Shared One Of Her Feeling "Relaxed & Recharged"

After actress, iconic pop star, and mother of two Jennifer Lopez shared a beautiful mirror selfie of her in a swimsuit, a growing number of moms are also posting their own bikini selfies as part of the #JLoChallenge, a viral trend that's inspired women to share what self-care means to them.

Ever since Lopez, 50, and Shakira, 43, owned the Super Bowl halftime stage as moms over 40, the singer/actress has become something of a beacon for moms. In fact, she is inspiring people even when that doesn't appear to be her intention. On Monday, the Hustlers actress shared a white bikini selfie with the simple message "relaxed and recharged" after the long weekend.

Whether she meant to inspire moms or not, that's exactly what she did. The ball got rolling with trainer Maria Kang, the founder of the fitness community No Excuse Moms, who shared her own white bikini selfie. "Thank you @jlo for inspiring this spontaneous pic in a white bikini this morning," Kang captioned her selfie. "Yes, my mirror is freckled with toothpaste (does [sic] your children only use your sink too?!), yes there are unpacked luggages on the ground, an iron, dog dryer and husband shaving somewhere in the background — but I"m getting it done!"

Kang went on to ask other moms to post their own bikini selfies and "tag 3 friends who bring it like #jlo," and many moms took up that challenge.

Los Angeles-area fitness instructor Belinda Centano, who tells Romper she provides free workouts for moms, also shared a selfie.

"We are moms, we’re capable of doing anything we set our minds to. Own your story. Create your own accountability. Don't make excuses for your inaction," the mom of three wrote on Instagram. "If she can do it, if I can do it, if thousands of working moms who come in all sizes, shapes and ages can do it - then YOU CAN DO IT!!!"

Another mom who goes by @uvandetxnoexcusemom on Instagram shared her selfie with an inspiring story about how "being active" saved her life.

"This is 32, a body that created 3 wonderful kids, that has gone through 1 c-section, appendicitis & emergency lacerated intestine from a horrible car accident," she wrote. "Exercise and being active has saved my life." She encouraged moms everywhere "regardless of age, size, or shape" to share their own bikini selfies.

One mom of four boys shared a mirror selfie as part of the challenge after her husband encouraged her to "lead by example" and step out of her comfort zone.

"So here we go, my selfie with NO filtered mirror, every stretch mark is a story and a blessing..." she wrote on Instagram. "Always trying my best to challenge this body to get stronger and healthier not just for my boys but also because it makes me feel alive."

Of course, self-care comes in many forms, whether it's getting more sleep, spending time with your loved ones, or even just laughing more. And, sometimes, for some people, it's a viral challenge that encourages mothers to love the skin they're in.