The Creators Of ‘Teletubbies’ Have A New Show, & Your Kids Will Fall In *Love* — CLIP

There are few children's shows I can watch with my 4-year-old and feel wholly invested in. I need beautiful imagery, I need a story beyond talking animals, I need something that just feels good. It's the reason I can spend hours bingeing Sesame Street with her or rewatching old episodes of Little Bear, but there's a new preschool show hitting all the marks, too. Moon and Me is from the creator of Teletubbies and you guys, this is just the loveliest children's show. It will make your heart swell and, not going to lie, it'll make you want a giant dollhouse for your kids.

The entire premise behind Moon and Me is simple: before bedtime, a child tucks her favorite toys into their beds in her charming dollhouse and tells them all goodnight. But as she closes the doors of the house and looks in on her darling toys — including a little doll named Pepi Nana — she sweetly calls in a favor from the moon: a bedtime story. As you would expect the moon to do, it happily obliges, and each episode is a sweet story of Pepi Nana, the magical doll that has now come to life, and the amazing, charming adventures of Storyland.

I know. Are you already warmed to the bone with this? I feel like a salesman, but wait! There's more!

This stunning series isn't just animation or even created with computer-generated imagery. The entire series is filmed using homemade effects, puppetry, and stop-motion animation. But they don't cut corners with this extra work either. The characters are constantly doing things. Things your own children love doing like drawing, painting, and reading. Basically, Moon and Me brings an entire world to life so exquisitely that you'll find yourself as lost in the story as your children.

I was lucky enough to watch two episodes, and when I tell you that I fell in love with these characters and stories, I mean it. No detail is overlooked in the creation of Moon and Me. You can hear Pepi Nana's little slippers as she pads across the house to look at the moon. You can see the texture of their little blankets, their clothing, their hair so beautifully that every child will be fully invested. It's like an entire world of make believe come to life, and beyond that, the series is such a sweet story of friendship, imagination, and pure joy that you can't help but feel all the feels with every episode. I mean, it might make your kids want to get out of bed even more after that last goodnight kiss when they see the types of adventures Pepi Nana goes on, but if my little girl decides writing a letter to the moon is more important than shut-eye, who am I to argue?

And honestly, it's no wonder the show will be a hit — Moon and Me was created by Andrew Davenport, the mastermind behind Teletubbies, and the show has already become well loved in the UK. Davenport and his team apparently did a lot of research into how kids play with their toys to make the show as accurate and lovely as possible, and it shows. Pepi Nana is just one little toy tucked into her dollhouse each night, and each toy is different and perfectly chosen. It looks so much like how my 4-year-old plays: changing characters, mixing play sets together, and letting her little mind wander with stories. She doesn't need a script or a specific type of toy — she just needs a little doll and her imagination. Oh, and the moon doesn't hurt either.

If you're already as invested in Moon and Me as I am, you can catch it on NBC's Universal Kids May 20. And bonus, the premiere episode features an original song penned and performed by Michael Bublé. Guys, I know a lot of people talk about shows they love, but I watched both episodes and just sobbed openly with how perfect it was. It reminded me of all the best things about childhood, but it also reminded me to talk to the moon once in a while. She's got some sweet stories to tell.