OK, These Toll House Monster Munch Cookies Are Perfect Halloween Nostalgia

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing Halloween treats, candy, and costumes in the stores since early August. And let me tell you, I’m not mad about it. Not one bit. As someone who lives in the south, fall is the absolute best time of year in my opinion. The mosquitoes (Georgia’s unofficial state bird) finally go back to the hell they came from, and the cooler temperatures replace the scorching, humid heat. But bonus? I’m also pretty stoked for these Nestle Toll House Monster Munch Cookies, because they are most definitely the perfect Halloween treat. And you don't even have to wait for October — it's already available in regional and national retailers, including Walmart, and they'll be available through Halloween.

According to a press release, this Monster Munch is made with cookie dough, a new flavor for the Halloween edition of Nestle's cookies, and it will have both peanut butter and chocolate morsels “topped with candy-coated gems.” The oatmeal makes it healthy, right? Plus, they are made with “100 percent real chocolate and no artificial flavors,” the press release states, and each batch includes 24 cookies — plenty to share with family and friends. (Who am I kidding, these are all for Mama.) Monster Munch joins the rest of Nestle's holiday refrigerated cookie dough lineup of Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Holiday Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Springtime Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Other flavors include Raspberry Crumble Cookie Dough, Cinnamon Roll Cookie Dough, and their “Cookie of the Year,” Ice Cream Sundae, among others.

The refrigerated and already separated cookie dough also makes it so, so easy to make, that even your kids can help you bake these delicious Halloween treats without completely destroying your kitchen. Simply pop them out of the bag, lay them on a greased baking sheet, and bake them according to the package directions. This is nostalgia at its finest. I think everyone can remember the break and bake cookies of their youth, and having these for your own kids is like a huge dose of holiday love from your own childhood.

However, if you love the old-fashioned OG way of baking cookies, Toll House has other products that will give you the same delicious Toll House Flavor while you bake them from scratch, like the baking chocolate and morsels — perfect to fold into your homemade cookie dough. And of course, they even have pumpkin spice morsels, for all of your fall baking needs — or to eat straight from the bag.

For more tasty Halloween fun, if you’re more into the traditional, spooky and ooky Halloween fare, there are some cool tricks and treats out there, like a kit to make your own edible slime, edible creepy eyeballs, and “Halloween Body Parts Lollipops.”

But if you want some classic comfort Toll House cookies, these Monster Munch easy-to-bake treats are just perfect. For just $3, you can grab a package at a store near you and celebrate Halloween ASAP. Whether you make them for a party, for an early trick-or-treat snack, or for a spooky movie marathon, these are just perfect. Bonus: no dishes to clean up afterward. I mean, a dirty kitchen is the really scary part, right?