There are a brand new bunch of characters that are joining the cast of Frozen 2.
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A Salamander, A Mystical Water Horse & More: Meet The New Characters In 'Frozen 2'

The highly anticipated sequel to Frozen — you know, the instant Disney classic that introduced us to Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Sven, and more — is finally hitting theaters everywhere Friday, Nov. 22. While the OG characters will still star in the movie, there are many new characters in Frozen 2 that will surely become your kid's newest obsession. (Ahem, an adorable salamander named Bruni makes an appearance, just sayin'...)

In Frozen 2, we'll find out more about why Elsa was born with frozen, magical powers, meaning there's more to learn about Anna and Elsa's parents, and we'll watch as the two go on a journey through the Enchanted Forest. Their journey is not only physical, it's also an emotional one filled with self discovery. But everyone knows that you can't go on an adventure without meeting a few new friends along the way, especially when Disney is the mastermind behind the movie.

Of course, Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff all return in Frozen 2, as well as the lovable snowman, Olaf, and Kristoff's trusty reindeer, Sven. But there are also some brand new characters (and creatures) who will make their way into the gates of Arendelle and beyond. Ahead of Frozen 2's premiere, here's everything you need to know about the movie's new crew:

Lieutenant Destin Mattias

Lieutenant Destin Mattias, voiced by Sterling K. Brown, has successfully defended Arendelle from its enemies. But he also happens to be trapped in the Enchanted Forest for years, as Disney explains. Needless to say, Mattias is thrown for a loop when he meets Elsa and her crew.

Honeymaren & Ryder

There are a new set of siblings in Frozen 2: Honeymaren and Ryder, who come from Arendelle's enemy, Northuldra. But the two are free spirited, optimistic, and want nothing but peace for the Enchanted Forest, Disney notes. Honeymaren is described as "bold and brave" with an interest in magic, while Ryder is "eager and fun" with a desire to travel outside of the Enchanted Forest. Ryder also happens to love reindeer, just like Kristoff.


Yelena, also comes from Northuldra, and she is a little more fierce than her siblings, according to Disney. But she is "known to soften" once she gets to know people better.

King Agnarr & Queen Iduna

Frozen 2 will also reintroduce Anna and Elsa's parents to the film, as CinemaBlend reported. In the first movie, they only appeared for a few minutes before dying at sea. In Frozen 2, you'll get to learn a bit more about their parents, and Queen Iduna will even get a song of her own.


Bruni is an adorable salamander from the Enchanted Forest who takes a strong liking to Elsa and her powers. Animators for the film told IGN they had one goal when creating Bruni: make him "as adorable as possible." Let's just say, every kid will be begging for a Bruni plush this Christmas.

The Nokk

Frozen 2 also has a strong mythical element to it, especially with there being an Enchanted Forest, and the Nokk is one of these mythical creatures. He's a water spirit that takes the shape of a horse in Frozen 2. "Our horse, our Nokk, is actually a warrior and protector of the Dark Sea," animation supervisor Svetla Radivoeva told IGN. "We thought of it as a wild stallion that hasn't yet been tamed."

Earth Giants

While the Earth Giants seem a little intimidating, their role in the Frozen 2 is not quite clear. But judging from the trailers, they seem to cause the characters some trouble in the Enchanted Forest.


Gale is a "wind spirit" that is impossible see, yet she has a big presence in the movie. Gale takes the shape of things around her; she isn't a physical character but a presence that interacts with the other characters, according to IGN. Although she lacks a physical presence, Gale plays a huge role in Frozen 2. "The wind throughout the culture of Scandinavian wind is very, very important," director Chris Buck told IGN. "And so it was interesting thinking about it, you know, we even had early on, we thought the wind might have a voice. Things like that."

Get ready to meet a whole new fascinating and fun crew when Frozen 2 hits theaters on Friday, Nov. 22.