Meghan Markle has even more hidden skills than people realize.
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Meghan Markle Obviously Snapped That Ah-dorable Photo Of Baby Archie & Prince Harry

Any parent can tell you that it is a real skill to get a good picture of a baby. It's not like they understand anything about angles or staying still or posing, of course. And trying to get a candid shot with another person in the mix really takes a level of skill that not everyone can master. So let's all take a moment to appreciate Meghan Markle for yet another hidden skill. Apparently, the gorgeous new photo of baby Archie with Prince Harry everyone can't stop aww-ing over was taken by his mom. I guess there's nothing she can't do.

The Sussex family is currently on hiatus from their royal duties back in the United Kingdom, spending the holidays on the west coast of Canada. Despite the fact that they're taking a little down time, Markle and Prince Harry still took a moment to share a lovely highlight reel from 2019 and, of course, the absolute best thing about it was their photo of 7-month-old Archie, looking happy and adorable in the arms of his grinning dad. And, as royal source told People, Markle was indeed the photographer behind the shoot and managed to capture the two important fellas in the best light possible. Ocean and mountains in the background, wearing knit hats together. It's seriously too much.

Markle clearly has some skill with photography, which shouldn't come as a shock considering the fact that she once had a thriving social media account and a lifestyle blog called The Tig. She also has a pretty solid example in her new family since her sister-in-law Kate Middleton takes many of her kids' candid photos. I like to think she shared some tips.

The fact that Markle was the photographer wasn't the only thing that made this photo special. According to People, Archie's hat in the photo is one made by New Zealand company Make Give Live, a community-based knitting network that donates one item of clothing to a New Zealander in need for every item purchased. The royal couple were given the hat during their October 2018 visit to New Zealand, according to Page Six, which of course makes it extra special. Unsurprisingly the company has been so inundated with orders since the photo was shared that they've completely sold out.

This photo seems to say a lot about the royal couple and their baby boy. After months of living under a near constant attack from the British tabloids, there is a sense of calm in this photo. They've been out of the spotlight for several weeks, and hopefully they've gotten a chance to recharge and recenter after a tough year. It looks like they've done just that.