New Snapchat Stickers To Express Your Feminism, Because A Rosie The Riveter Was Necessary


The lovable scamp of social media — Snapchat — released what the company dubbed "Chat 2.0" in a major update to the mobile app on Tuesday. The new update revamps the chat functionality of the app, including the addition of audio and video notes. But perhaps the most adorable part of the update are the more than 200 stickers, including new Snapchat stickers to express your feminism. Snapchat's Chat 2.0 functionality has made the mobile app's messaging experience far more intuitive and user friendly for Snapchat's more than 100 million daily users who upload and share their snaps on a daily basis.

The 4-year-old company finally joined the ranks of other social media and messaging platforms like Facebook in that Snapchat has added stickers, GIFs, and an even more immersive chat experience. It appears as though the Snapchat stickers are the huge hit of the moment among users, because let's be real here: Who doesn't love stickers? Snapchat's pantheon of stickers allow users to express a variety of emotions, thoughts, and attitudes — with a hefty dose of hipster kawaii woven throughout. Currently, Snapchat has 11 sticker collections to choose from — and here are the 18 best feminist Snapchat stickers among the lot.

Cheeky Pop Fun — Feminist Subtlety

Keiko Zoll

The Cheeky Pop Fun sticker collection is a fairly generic set of hip stickers. That said, the three that stand out as feminist icons include the raised peace sign arm, a crown that says "I'm the best," and a prickly cactus that warns "Watch yourself." I think most feminists would agree that peace is a value shared in the feminist community. The crown is a total emblem of empowerment. And that cactus? It's a cute way of asserting boundaries that gets the message across with crystal clarity.

Ghost World — The Collective Power of Women

Keiko Zoll

I have to confess... I think the Ghost World set of Snapchat stickers just might be my favorite. I'm a sucker for animals. While the Ghost World set might not seem like a bastion of feminism, three stickers stand out from the crowd. First, there's the two kitties sheltered under the umbrella with the words "Rain or Shine" below — I like to think that's a reflection of solidarity within the feminist community, of both what we have and what we need. Women need to stand by each other — rain or shine. The two pink mice sharing a light bulb thought bubble totally represents the collective brilliance that happens when women get together to create, innovate, and inspire. And that little green kitty with a No. 1 trophy? That sticker represents the recognition women deserve for their achievements.

PB&J — Empowered & Assertive

Keiko Zoll

The PB&J set of stickers feature an adorable little cat (?) or rabbit (?) or perhaps some kind of funky cat-rabbit hybrid (??) — but what makes these three particular stickers from this collection so feminist is their ability to assert boundaries. When feminists are so often labeled as being "bossy" or "b*tchy" for asserting themselves, the PB&J Snapchat stickers offer a way of being assertive without (hopefully) getting slammed with one of those tired, trite labels for women who own their power.

Leetle Seedlings — A Feminist Celebration!

Keiko Zoll

Okay, remember how I said that the Ghost World Snapchat stickers might be my favorite? I lied: The Leetle Seedlings Snapchat sticker collection is the perfect amount of quirk and cute (and they appear to be gender neutral!). These stickers resemble something that looks like Teletubby-meets-baby seal and I just kind of can't get over the cuteness. These three stickers celebrate the achievements of feminism over the years: Closing the wage gap, getting more women in STEM fields, and the inclusion of LGBT voices at the feminist table.

Peachy Part 1 — Loud & Proud

Keiko Zoll

Of all the Snapchat sticker collections, Peachy actually has the most stickers I'd classify as feminist. This first set, with a little lamb rocking "Her Majesty," "Feelin' sexy" and "shopping" — all might seem like boringly tired stereotypes of the girly girl trope. But you know what? If you want to be a feminist and be super "girly" — guess what? You're still feminist! And embracing feminism is all about supporting women making choices for and empowering themselves. These stickers are for the fearless self-aware feminist who's not afraid to reclaim her femininity.

Peachy Part 2 — Defying Convention

Keiko Zoll

Rainbow afro? Tossing a ring? A Rosie the Riveter-inspired sheep? I'm pretty sure this is the most feminist roundup of Snapchat stickers yet. Each of these stickers represent the ways in which feminism has — and continues to — defy convention. That "fancy" sticker could be seen as a way of celebrating both LGBT and voices of color brought into the feminist dialogue. The little lamb ditching that bling is totally a way of rejecting the convention that a woman needs a partner — man or woman — in order to be complete, successful, or fulfilled. And last but certainly not least, there's the cultural wartime image of Rosie the Riveter: an icon often associated with feminism in the 20th century.