OMG All New Target Moms *Need* This Adorable Sticker & Onesie Set For Their Baby

The REDcard is in your wallet, you memorize the weekly ad, and you know the location of every store in a 300-mile radius. In other words, you're all about shopping at Target. You can't wait to introduce your kid to the magic store as well. Does this sounds familiar? Then brace yourself, because Target moms *need* this adorable pack of bodysuits and stickers. It's beyond perfect for fans of the iconic big box store and their families.

Chances are, you already know about bodysuit stickers. They're the little signs that can enhance your baby photos, and they usually say things like "I'm one month old today!" But this sticker and bodysuit set from Carter's, which was spotted at a Target store by a Reddit user, has to be the cutest one yet. With a sticker that says "My first Target run," parents can dress their baby up for their little one's inaugural outing to their soon-to-be most frequented store. And as the comments on that post prove, Target fans everywhere are definitely in love with the idea.

If you're in need of this particular sticker, then look for it on a rack at your local Target. If a real-life trip to the brick-and-mortar store is not in your immediate future, or if it isn't in stock at your local Tar-jay, then they are also available online for boys and girls ($15, Target). It's the perfect gift for babies of Target moms and all the people who love them. Oh, and just think about grabbing one of these for your next baby shower. I mean, you have to commemorate important life events, right?

And hey, there's no shame at all in being a Target mom. If nothing else, you're in excellent company. The #FirstTargetRun tag in Twitter showcases a bunch of babies who celebrate their first trip to the famous store. (Seriously, it's a very cute assortment of shoppers.) A search for the same tag on Instagram brings up still more adorable babies who are off to the popular brick-and-mortar for the first time. Many of the pics show off babies wearing their free baby bodysuit from Target, as noted on Romper. (Check with your local store to see whether this offer is still available for families who sign up for a baby registry at Target.) The fact remains: Target moms are legion.

Carter's Baby Bodysuit and Sticker Pack Set ($15, Target)

Carter's Baby Bodysuit and Sticker Pack Set ($15, Target)

And although it's something of a cliché, plenty of moms really do rely on Target for basic baby needs. In fact, it's been called a "second home" or a "magical place for new moms" in Scary Mommy. It offers the chance to get out of the house for a moment without putting too much stress on the baby.

If you're a new parent, then there are plenty of ways to help make that first trip a little easier on everyone. Wearing your baby, keeping a full diaper bag at the ready, and not worrying about an in-store crying session are all ways to make your kid's first trip to Target easier, according to Parents. Trying to keep things as comfortable and low-key as possible for both parent and baby is smart.

If you're totally not a Target mom, though, you can still use this cute bodysuit idea in your own life. Consider making a sticker that says "my first farmer's market run" or whatever else suits your lifestyle. Etsy has a lot of cute bodysuit stickers for sale, or your could DIY a design all your own. Hey, you probably have at least one Cricut-obsessed friend who would be honored to help you whip up a design.

Whether you go with the brand-name design or your own creation, enjoy celebrating your baby's many "firsts." Even the most mundane parts of your routine are brand-new experiences for your baby, so take a moment to enjoy the experiences.

Editor's note: This article has been updated from its original version.

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