These Babies Dressed As Eddie & Clark From 'Christmas Vacation' Just Won The Holidays

What would Christmas be without the Griswolds? The iconic family from Christmas Vacation have become a must-watch for families across the country for the past 20 years. In fact, this year is the official 20th anniversary of the film about Clark Griswold's "fun, old-fashioned family Christmas" getting torpedoed by cousin Eddie et al. In honor of the movie, some sweet newborns starred in a Christmas Vacation photo shoot that would even make uncle Lewis smile.

Amy Haehl of Coffee Creek Studios in Shelbyville, Indiana came up with a brilliant idea for a holiday photo shoot; why not dress some newborns up to look like cousin Eddie and Clark Griswold? And trust me, Haehl went all out with the outfits. The baby dressed as Eddie is wearing his Christmas Eve blue leisure suit, while tiny Clark is wearing a Christmas light tie, cardigan, Santa hat, slippers... the detail is extraordinary. Right down to the moose mugs of egg nog, burnt Christmas tree from aunt Bethany's cat, and tiny squirrel on Clark's shoulder.

Haehl tells Romper nailing the details was important because she's a huge fan of the film. "One of my all-time favorite movies is Christmas Vacation. We watch it and laugh harder every year," she says. "I don't know why, but I've always thought it would be so funny to recreate some of the scenes with newborns." Trust me, she's not wrong.

Haehl says that she "can't thank the models' parents enough for allowing their babies to model for this. I'm so glad they find the humor in it and have been laughing right along with me."

I mean, who wouldn't laugh at the image of a tiny baby dressed in cousin Eddie's famous bathrobe and old winter boot combination, holding a tiny fake cigar much like the one actor Randy Quaid was smoking as he emptied the "shi**er" from his RV into the sewer?

It's no surprise whatsoever that this photo shoot is striking a chord with social media users. The attention to detail, pop culture reference, and adorable babies is a potent combination. The pictures have gone viral, and this is great news for Haehl. She says these type of photo shoots are "so rewarding for [her] to create, even though they're costly and take a lot of work."

"I also love that they are loved by so many others," Haehl says. "So many people have told me how I've brightened up their days and that means the world to me." As Clark Griswold would say, "Hallelujah, holy sh*t. Where's the Tylenol?"