NFL's "Super Bowl Babies" Ad Is Weirding People Out, & Here's Why

By now you've likely seen the National Football League's own Super Bowl commercial, which features groups of people born nine months after a particular Super Bowl singing a spoofed version of Seal's "Kiss From a Rose," featuring Seal. The kids are adorable, and the production value is high, but the NFL's "Super Bowl Babies" ad was weirding people out, for the most part, for a few reasons that are probably obvious to the brand in retrospect. They're having kids, in some cases very little kids, sing about the night they were conceived. The Super Bowl babies of 2008 are 7 years old, for instance. Do they really need to be singing about how their parents got it on after — or during? — the big game less than a decade ago? Hmmm.

And that wasn't the only thing that gave viewers pause — or simply confused them — about the commercial. As bits of the ad aired throughout the broadcast, Twitter was a steady stream of confusion about what, exactly, the point of the spot was. Was the ad encouraging viewers to turn a night of chicken wings and copious dip into sexy time? Was it, alternately, a warning to make sure you carry condoms come Super Bowl Sunday? Was it a euphemism? When it comes to those angelic Super Bowl babies (who were all for some reason in gospel choir attire???), the internet had so many thoughts and questions:

What Is A Super Bowl Baby?

Is This About Birth Control?

Is This Encouragement To Have Sex

Who Would Want To Have Sex On Super Bowl Night?

Is The NFL Laying Claim To My Kid?

Do I Have To Have "The Talk" Now, Tonight, Thanks To This Ad?

Maybe They're Not Super Bowl Babies At All

Watch the full commercial below and see if you can figure out the meaning behind the Super Bowl babies.

Nope. It's still confusing AF.