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Moms Are LOVING That Snooki Stuck A Post-It On Baby Angelo For His 1-Month Photo

Having three kids is tough. I can tell you as someone who has four, the jump from two to three was definitely the most difficult. I think it's the fact that you now have more kids than hands or something, although I'm not 100 percent sure. I just know that you get a whole lot busier, and maybe some of the things you thought were super important with the first are really not that big a deal by the third. Which is why so many moms are relating to Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's one-month update on her third child, baby boy Angelo. It's such a peak third kid moment, and honestly that's not even a bad thing.

The Jersey Shore star welcomed her third child with husband Jionni LaValle on May 30, a little boy the couple named Angelo James LaValle. The new parents also share 6-year-old son Lorenzo Dominic and 4-year-old daughter Giovanna Marie. If Snooki's Instagram feed is anything to go by, she is clearly overjoyed to be a mom to baby Angelo. Her social media is filled with pictures of her snuggling with her little one, and of course there's an added bonus of having two older kids — they obviously adore their baby brother as well. But still, there's only so much a mom can do in a day, you know? So when it came time for Snooki to post a cute one-month update for Angelo, she did it mom-of-three style.

With a post-it note.

Polizzi shared a cute shot of the baby boy, who has the most gorgeous thick head of hair I've ever seen on a baby, if anyone is interested. I mean, she can spike it and everything.

In the photo, Angelo is wearing a black onesie that begs the question, "Where's the beach?!" and honestly looks like he's flexing his little muscles like the true child of a bona fide Jersey Shore member. Oh, and just so we know what the occasion is, Snooki attached a post-it note to his onesie with ONE MONTH written in blue marker.

This picture of a mother of three celebrating her youngest child's first month of existence with a post-it note resonated with many moms, who took to the reality star's Instagram to share their appreciation. One social media user wrote, "omg I’m dyyyyingggg that she used a post it," while another agreed, "The post it notes are the best! Love it, such a cutie."

Now to be fair here, it's not as though the fashion designer is complaining about being busy with three kids. Quite the opposite in fact. On June 25, she shared a photo of her three little ones smiling and cuddling and captioned the photo, "Good morning to me #blessedmawma." I'm fairly certain most mothers of three feel blessed right along with Snooki.

The post-it note doesn't signify giving up or caring less about your third child at all to me. It's more of a sign that, when you have three children, you're busy enough to prioritize what really matters. Loads of cuddles, that's important. Spending time together as a family, yup just as important. A fancy sign to acknowledge your baby is one month? Maybe not as important. It's about letting the small stuff go... and it's sort of great.