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Moms Are Relating Hard To Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's Worry About "Poop" During Labor

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's honesty on MTV's Jersey Shore is what made people fell in love with her when the show premiered almost 10 years ago. Now, as a mom of three, she is just as real when it comes to all aspects of her life, including giving birth. Indeed, moms are loving Snooki's photo from the delivery room before she gave birth to her newborn son because she basically revealed every mom's fear when they're, uhm well, in the process of welcoming their babies into the world.

Giving birth is an anxiety-inducing experience for even the most seasoned parents. Sure, Polizzi might have given birth two times before — first in 2012 when she gave birth to her oldest son Lorenzo and again in 2014 when she gave birth to her daughter Giovanna — but she was still, understandably, a little nervous when it came time to giving birth to her son Angelo, whom she welcomed into the world late last month. Ahead of the birth reveal though, Snooki experienced what most moms do as they're in the midst of labor.

As Polizzi shared in a hilarious new post on Instagram, she was afraid of one thing before giving birth: Pooping on her doctor and the nurses helping her. "In this moment I was so worried I was gonna poop on my baby and poor doctor and nurse," she captioned the photo. "Pretty sure I didn't."

Moms quickly flooded her comments section to share they also shared this fear. "My biggest fear," one fan commented. Another said, "I was petrified of same thing and kept going to bathroom before hand..." One more added, "GIRL! That is one of my main worries! I'll be having my little boy in 7 or less days. So SCARED!"

And like any good friend would, Polizzi's BFF and Jersey Shore cast member, Jenni "JWoww" Farley commented on how stunning she looked. "Only u would look hot right before giving birth," she commented on the photo.

I mean, at least she's honest. Poop is just one of those things that so many women worry about while giving birth when they have nothing to worry about. Pooping during labor is not only natural, but it is also incredibly common, according to TODAY. So, it's very likely that Snooki's doctor and nurse have seen it all before.

All jokes aside, this isn't the first time Polizzi has been both hilarious and transparent about pregnancy and childbirth. Shortly after she gave birth, for instance, she compared her swollen body to Shrek, according to Us Weekly. "My feet are swollen, I'm wearing a diaper, my son just peed and s— on me twice and my sciatica is acting up," she wrote on her Instagram Story, according to Us Weekly. "Hello postpartum."

To drive in the point, she also shared a photo of her disposable underwear and pads from the hospital to her Instagram account. "New style coming soon @thesnookishop #MomEdition," she wrote.

Polizzi is not only relatable on Instagram, she's also super real on her podcast, It's Happening with Snooki & Joey, where she has shared even more delightful details about postpartum life with her followers. For instance, during a recent episode of the podcast titled "Angelo", Polizzi shared that breastfeeding has been particularly hard for her this time around.

"My nipples are on fire," she said. "I'm breastfeeding him, so my boobs are huge. I said that I was breastfeeding and [my doctor] said, 'Oh that's great right after your boob lift.' Basically I got a boob lift for nothing because my boobs are gonna be saggy again. So I have to get a boob job after this, but I'm breastfeeding."

From poop fears to sore boobs, Snooki is the queen of keeping it real.