6 Times Snooki Got Refreshingly Real About All Things Birth & Postpartum Life

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is officially a mother of three. While nothing can totally prepare you for giving birth again, the Jersey Shore star recently candid about childbirth and all it entails on her podcast, It's Happening. In it, she revealed where she was when her water broke, how long it took to welcome son Angelo into the world, and exactly how hard her labor really was. In fact, Snooki's quotes about birth and everything postpartum are so real, every mawma can relate.

Polizzi has always been candid with fans about everything, especially motherhood. Recently she found herself the subject of controversy after speaking candidly about wanting to return to the gym days after giving birth. The reality TV star revealed to the public in an edit on the Instagram post that following her delivery, she was leaking milk from her breasts, she was sore, and sporting a diaper "the size of Texas" around the house — which anyone who's ever been pregnant can totally appreciate — and simply wanted to "look on the bright side of things" and feel normal again, which looks and feels different for everyone.

Fortunately, the backlash hasn't slowed her down at all. Snooki is still sharing glimpses into her postpartum experience with fans, and they're loving every second of it. And her most recent podcast episodes have been full of little nuggets of information any mom can appreciate, whether it's their first child or their fifth.

When She Got Real About Giving Birth For The Third Time

During a June 7 episode of her podcast, the 31-year-old mama of three revealed that she thought since Angelo was her third child, delivery would be a breeze.

"I thought [Angelo] was really gonna pop out like, quicker. Like I thought he was just gonna walk out of my vagina, but it didn't happen," she shared on her podcast.

Unfortunately, it didn't happen that way. Her water broke while she was recording another episode of the podcast, and she rushed to the hospital on May 29 at around 5 p.m., she shared. And then, her son was born several hours later, on May 30.

"It literally didn't happen like that. So it took like five hours for everything to be ready, but I only pushed like three times and he was out. He's my biggest baby — he weighed 7 [pounds], 5 [ounces] and he was 19 inches," she recalled.

When She Got Candid About Postpartum Struggles & Finding Her "Groove"

During the most recent episode of It's Happening, titled "Angelo!", Snooki spoke a bit about postpartum life. Polizzi admitted that while she wasn't struggling with depression, she had experienced some hard days. She told co-host Joey Camasta that she was struggling to get back into her "groove," especially with three kids and all that comes with a new baby.

Snooki shared with listeners that she hasn't had any emotional issues after giving birth, but said breastfeeding had been a challenge and she wasn't getting much sleep, either.

"Some days I'm like, really tired but I'm not like, wanting to kill myself. But my nipples are on fire," she said. "I'm breastfeeding him, so my boobs are huge. I said that I was breastfeeding and [my doctor] said, 'Oh, that's great right after your boob lift.' Basically I got a boob lift for nothing because my boobs are gonna be saggy again. So I have to get a boob job after this, but I'm breastfeeding."

When She Got Real About The Less-Than-Glamorous Reality Of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a tricky thing for any new mom. For some, it comes easier than to others. As for Snooki, she revealed on It's Happening that she had concerns about being able to breastfeed after having plastic surgery on her breasts, but shared that she wasn't having any real issues at all feeding Angelo.

"[Breastfeeding's] definitely working, it's happening. It's squirting everywhere, it's leaking," she said. "I woke up in like, a puddle of breast milk this morning. I was sleeping on my boobs. I'm basically a cow. I'm a cow."

When She Detailed What's Inside Her Very Relatable Hospital Bag

Snooki may love glam on red carpets or while appearing on TV, but a full face of makeup has no place in the delivery room as far as she's concerned. The MTV personality said in a recent pre-birth vlog that she was only bringing the essentials to the hospital with her to give birth: a brush, deodorant, face wipes, baby oil, and a tooth brush.

"That's all you need," she advised her viewers. "You're not going to the club, girl. You're going to war."

Snooki continued, "Good for you moms who you know, get your hair done, your full makeup, good for you. Me? I don't have the f*cking time for that. I don't care to look that amazing. And I like to be real with like everything that happens."

When She Gave Some Sage Advice To New & Expectant Mamas

Before her "Angelo" podcast episode, Snooki gave fans a look inside her hospital bag in an effort to help others who might be heading in to give birth for the first time be prepared, or clue experienced moms in to some essentials that may not have been on their radar before.

And during the video, Snooki also spoke honestly about leaving the hospital. She let first-time moms that they're going to still look pregnant after leaving the hospital — and even for a few weeks afterward.

"Don't be surprised, ladies — if this is your first time having a baby — if you leave the hospital and you still look pregnant," the reality TV star said on her YouTube video. "You're going to look pregnant for the next two weeks."

When She Got Real About Fearing Her First Postpartum Poop

One week after her third baby's arrival, Polizzi shared a new vlog entitled, "MEET ANGELO JAMES LAVALLE," and during it, she got candid about the very concerns surrounding a new mom's first postpartum poop.

"Right now my a**hole really hurts, so that's great" Polizzi told her vlog viewers recently as she recounted Angelo's birth story. "The epidural obviously wore off, so I'm feeling the aftermath of pushing..."

She added, "It's a process to go to the bathroom after you gave birth ... right now my a**hole is really burning and I'm really scared for the first poop, they just gave me a stool softener so we'll see how that goes."

Fans of Snooki have come to appreciate how real she keeps it, especially about motherhood. Polizzi often shares the ugly side of things, from adult diapers to temper tantrums, that other celebrities may gloss over in favor of keeping things light. That secrecy, though, may come at a detriment to moms who feel alone after giving birth. Keep this kind of content coming, mawma.