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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi Knows Back To School Also Means Freedom

by Jen McGuire

That first day when your kids go back to school hits every parent differently. Some get nostalgic, others depressed, still others elated. However a parent feels, the emotions tend to get real big real fast. Jersey Shore's Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is no different, perhaps especially now that she's a mom of three. Snooki's post for her kids' first day of school is all about that sweet freedom, because now she knows exactly how much easier it can be with just one baby in the house for a few hours.

The reality star is a mom to three kids, 6-year-old son Lorenzo, 4-year-old daughter Giovanna, and 3-month-old baby boy Angelo. She welcomed little Angelo on May 30, which was just weeks before her older two kids with husband Jionni LaValle were set for summer holidays. As someone who welcomed my own third child at the beginning of June a few years ago, I can tell you the timing makes things interesting to say the least. Polozzi would have had just weeks to adjust to life with her new baby before school was out and then suddenly it's full time with three kids.

Now they're back at school and let's just say, this tired mom of three is dealing with several conflicting emotions.

The proud mom shared a photo of Lorenzo and Giovanna on Thursday as the two were setting off for their first day of grade one and kindergarten respectively. Both kids look excited and happy and adorable (that high ponytail in a scrunchie on little Giovanna was on point) of course, but it was Polizzi's caption on her Instagram post that probably resonated with moms:

& just like that my offspring are spreading their wings. so proud of my babies! Mommy is crying ( & cheering I’m free till 3)

That's exactly how it goes for most parents, right? A little pride, a little sadness, and a lot of excitement for your own independence.

While Polizzi is definitely going to enjoy a little freedom, there's something to be said for having two extra sets of hands to deal with her little one. As she explained in a July interview on Live! With Kelly & Ryan, the older two kids can be a big help sometimes, as reported by People:

If I’m doing something or I’m busy or I just want to lay down, I’m like, ‘Lorenzo, can you just go give [Angelo] the bottle? Giovanna, go just make sure he knows you’re there. [Wave] to him.’

I mean, there is something to be said for extra faces to keep your baby entertained while you're trying to get stuff done.

Life has changed a considerable amount for Polizzi since her days when we all knew her simply as "Snooki" from MTV's Jersey Shore. In fact she ended up walking out of a recent filming of the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation revival because she didn't want to be away from her kids (Angelo was just two months old at the time, as per Us Weekly).

Life goes on, kids get big and go to school. And the best way for a mom to deal with that is to simply enjoy the freedom that comes with having her kids busy all day. It's the little things.