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North West Carrying Baby Chicago While In Her Mom's Heels Is A Big Sister Mood

Khloé Kardashian's daughter True Thompson turned 1 last Friday and, of course, she was treated to a lavish birthday party of epic proportions. Her entire family turned up en masse, including her super stylish aunts like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West. But the adults weren't the only style mavens who wanted to get decked out for the party; the next generation of KarJenners was looking pretty fly too. Perhaps especially Kim's oldest daughter North, who really put the effort in. North West was carrying baby Chicago around wearing Kim Kardashian's heels and honestly making it look effortless. Because obviously strutting around in heels looks as natural to North as breathing.

North is the 5-year-old daughter of Kim and her husband Kanye West, the oldest of three (soon to be four kids) including 3-year-old brother Saint and 1-year-old sister Chicago. While North might be just 5, she is already definitely her own person with her own sense of style. Case in point: This video where she came strutting out into the party wearing a pair of her mom's designer heels and still managing to carry around her 1-year-old sister. Even Kim was impressed; you can hear her saying, "OK, how do you do this in heels?," in a video Kardashian posted on Snapchat that was later posted on an Instagram fan account.

I mean if Kim Kardashian is impressed, you know that's really something.

Now before anyone starts freaking out and saying Kim is a bad mother because this looked unsafe, she was quick to tell North in the video: "OK, put your sister down," in that slightly panicked voice moms everywhere will recognize. Not that Chicago seemed remotely concerned — that's how easy breezy North made it look, as ET Online noted. Even when North did put her down and grabbed her hand so they could walk together she just went along with it.

Besides, North did seem to get a little practice in. The KKW mogul shared videos from earlier where she was reminding North to change into different shoes and North was studiously ignoring her, though she seemed to be struggling a bit more in the heels without her sister in her arms, as Harper's Bazaar noted. As Kim noted in one video she shared on Snapchat (that was later shared on an Instagram fan account), "She would not leave the house without my shoes."

I have a feeling we've all been North at one point in our lives, although realistically speaking not many of us probably had access to the same quality of shoes to play in. Wanting to play dress up seems like one of those parts of growing up and changing, and wearing her mom's heels isn't the only way North seems to be changing. Watching her carry around little Chicago and be so patient with her, even in heels, is something of a departure for this big sister.

In the past Kim has admitted that North has been a bit of a handful with her little siblings, as the KKW mogul told Ashley Graham on her Pretty Big Deal podcast in October, per Elle, even going so far as to simply pretend she doesn't have them at all. The anxious mom seemed worried it might not be a phase, after initially thinking that's all it was... but this video of North with Chicago seems to prove the phase may at last be over. She's ready to be a proud big sister.

So long as she can do it in her mom's heels.