O.B. Now Has An Organic Tampon With A Plant-Based Applicator, & This Is *Huge*

Tampon manufacturer o.b. has been keeping their tampons environmentally friendly since before natural products exploded in popularity. Now, they are offering women an even more eco-friendly version of their product — tampons made with a plant-based applicator and all organic materials. According to the company's press release, the new o.b. organic tampons are made without any dyes, fragrances, pesticides, BPA, or chlorine. Tampons made free of that list of icky stuff is amazing news for women everywhere.

The new organic tampons by o.b. are a real game-changer in an industry once ruled by chemical-ridden products. Many companies are now making the shift into more eco-friendly territory with tampons that are dye-free, made of organic materials, and like the new o.b. tampon applicator, made from plant-based materials.

Let's be real for a moment, shall we? Tampons go inside of your body. As a woman, when taking care of your most delicate areas, it is so important to understand what type of materials you are literally inserting inside of yourself. I, for one, hate using anything on my skin that isn't made from organic materials, so why should I have different standards for my tampons? Thanks to o.b., now I don't have to.

The new o.b. organic tampon is made in its entirety from organic cotton that is sustainably sourced. This means you can rest assured knowing that the tampon that you're using is an environmentally friendly option that is also free from unwanted chemicals. "Unlike other options on the market, o.b. organic is 100 percent certified organic cotton from tip to string, not just the core," the brand's spokesperson tells Romper.

"For decades, o.b. has strived to introduce sustainable, effective solutions for periods," said Devon Driscoll, brand manager at Edgewell Personal Care in a press release. "With the launch of o.b. organic, we are excited to now offer women 100 percent certified organic cotton tampons along with an innovative plant-based applicator option. We at o.b. were committed to making an applicator that is in line with our commitment to sustainability."

As you well may know, o.b. tampons have always been one of the most waste-conscious options for feminine hygiene, offering applicator-free tampons for almost 70 years. A tampon made without an applicator means less waste, which has been a step in the right direction for environmentally conscious women, but did leave some women choosing between using a brand with a plastic or paper applicator that may end up in a landfill or using a finger to insert an o.b. applicator-less tampon. For women who prefer an applicator (full disclosure — myself included) but still want to be mindful about their wastefulness, o.b. has developed a solution. Their new organic tampon Tru-Comfort™ applicator is made from up to 92 percent plant-based material, mainly using sugarcane, according to the brand representative I spoke with.

According to the company's press release, "o.b. acknowledges that no applicator is the best applicator — dubbing a woman's finger the Original Badass applicator. But, for those who need a hand, o.b. organic's plant-based applicator is second best." As the only o.b. tampon to offer an applicator option, the new o.b. organic tampons are available with or without an applicator, empowering women with more options than ever before.

A spokesperson with o.b. tells Romper that women who choose to use o.b. can expect their new organic tampons to provide the same amount of absorbency that they have come to know and love with their original version. "Both our original and new o.b. organic tampons are available in regular and super absorbency. The regular tampons absorb 6 to 9 grams to provide leak protection for up to eight hours. What women will find with the new o.b. organic tampon is protection they can trust and a product they can feel good about using."

However, if you prefer to use the original o.b. tampons, the brand's spokesperson says that the option is still available. "O.b. is constantly looking for sustainable solutions for periods, but will continue to carry our original tampons as many women love them," the o.b. spokesperson tells Romper. "With the rise in interest of organic products in feminine care, the new o.b. organic tampons cater to women who simply prefer organic. We’re pleased that we’re able to offer options for all the badass women, whether they want the original or are interested in products made with fewer ingredients but don’t want to sacrifice protection."

You can find o.b. organic tampons at retailers nationwide, as well as on Amazon.