These 20 October Baby Names Are Totally Autumn-Inspired

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October babies are special. Their birth comes at the loveliest time of year, a cozy month filled with fiery foliage, crisp air, and crackling bonfires. Oh, and pumpkin-flavored everything. A baby born in this month deserves an equally special name. If your October due date is fast approaching and you still don't have a name picked out, don't fret! There are so many baby names for October babies that are as lovely as the month itself.

As the mom of an October baby, you're in for a real treat. Astrology fans will be happy to hear that people born in October "are motivated by justice to create harmony in their surroundings," according to (That gentle, peace-loving nature will be especially helpful if they're joining siblings.) These fall babies also tend to be extra talented and lucky in love and life: October babies are the most athletic, most romantic, and most likely to live to 100, as Good Housekeeping reported. Bearing all of that in mind, it's no surprise that "people born in fall not only enjoy low levels of depression, but are similarly less likely to develop bipolar disorder," as a 2017 article in Time stated. (Experts aren't actually sure why this is true, though it could be attributed to either the "bountiful nutrients available at harvest time, or the fact that the long nights and seasonal illness of winter have not yet descended," the article added.)

And don't forget that an October birth date means every birthday party can be a Halloween party. No matter what the reason, October babies seem to have a lot of things going for them. All yours needs now is the perfect name!



But of course! Why not name your precious October baby after the gorgeous season when they were born? As you’d expect, the name Autumn means “fall season,” per BabyNames, but it's just as lovely during the winter, spring, and summer.



Jasper is a gemstone that "is usually associated with brown, yellow, or reddish colors," according to Since these are also the colors of October, Jasper (which means “bringer of treasure,” per Nameberry) is the perfect name for a babe with an October birthdate and it can be used for a boy or girl.



A Latin name pronounced either aw-REEL-ya or a-RAY-lee-a, as Nameberry explained, Aurelia means "golden one." What a perfect moniker for a baby born in the golden season of autumn. It also perfectly describes the way you feel about your new arrival.



When I think of October, I think of brightly covered leaves falling from towering trees. The name Forrest means "of the woods," according to BabyCenter, which is just right for babies born during the foliage fest that is October.



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The name Scarlett has been growing steadily in popularity since 2000, according to Nameberry, and for good reason. The adorable name is another word for red, making it a wonderful choice for a daughter born in the season filled with every shade of crimson imaginable.



Adam is a strong, classic name with biblical roots. This Hebrew name actually means "son of the red earth," according to Babble, so it's a great choice for a son born in the reddest season.



Amber had its heyday in the 1980s, according to Nameberry, when it was consistently a top 20 name. While it's less common today, it deserves a comeback for fall babies. states that amber stone is "golden-yellow to brownish-yellow" and is "highly prized for its warmth and beauty." That sounds just like the month of October to me.



No, not Bradley. Radley is a unique English name that means "from the red field," according to BabyNames. Not only is it remarkably suitable for an October baby, but your son likely won't have to share their name with another child in school.



I fell in love with this name after Drew Barrymore used it for her daughter. As explained, olive trees are harvested in the fall, and olive green is a lovely color in the autumn color palette. Two reasons this name is ideal for an October baby!



The Hebrew name Asher means "happy, blessed," according to Babble, which I'm sure are two things you'd love your child to be. I adore this name for a child born in October because of its connection to the ash tree, which erupts in reds and oranges during the autumn months.



The name Hazel comes "from the hazel tree, the hazelnut, and the brown-green eye color," BabyCenter explained. Not only is October filled with this color, but the hazelnut is a staple in fall treats.



Meaning "meadow of oak trees," as The Bump revealed, Oak is a name with a pretty straightforward meaning. It’s also short, strong, and memorable, yet super easy to spell (something that will come in handy when your little one starts learning to write).



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Old-fashioned names are making a major comeback, and I think Goldie is next. As you may have guessed, Goldie means "made of gold," according to BabyCenter, which fits right in with the abundant yellows and golds of the season.



If you're feeling bold, why not just name your child after the month they were born? The name translates to “eighth," per Nameberry, and according to BabyCenter, 27 baby girls out of every million were named October in 2017. Side note: "Toby" makes for a pretty cute nickname.



Not only is the opal a beautiful, shimmery gemstone, it's also the official birthstone of October, according to The American Gemstone Society. Well, it's one of two birthstones for the month, but the other is tourmaline... and that doesn't work quite as well as a baby name. Opal means “gem” in Sanskrit, per NameBerry.



The name Hunter is a classic boy's name, but has been catching on for girls lately, too. It's also got a straightforward meaning, according to The Bump: Hunter means "hunter, pursuer." It's also a solid outdoorsy name for your autumn-born little one.



Though the ruby is technically the birthstone for July, according to Gemological Institute of America, I personally think its name is ideal for a fall baby. The ruby gemstone "glows with intense red in sunlight thanks to red fluorescence, which intensifies its red color," as the GIA website explained. Sounds just like the ruby red leaves of October to me.



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The first person I think of when I hear this name is Rory Gilmore (aka Alexis Bledel), which I personally think is a great association for a name... and just think of all those autumn-themed episodes of Gilmore Girls. The moniker predates the show, of course: Rory is a unisex Irish name meaning "red king," according to



I adore this short and sweet Irish name. Meaning "golden queen," according to The Bump, Orla is a lovely name for a daughter born in this golden month. It's also especially unique.



Rowan is a unisex name that's been steadily rising in popularity since the early 2000s, according to Nameberry. Though it means "little redhead," it works on children of any hair color, but works particularly well for children born in the ginger-colored month of October.

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