Courtesy of Little, Brown

Oge Mora Reads Aloud The Perfect Story For A Time In Which All Your Plans Are Canceled

Author and illustrator Oge Mora is a Caldecott Honor Award winner. So she's kind of a Big Deal. And she has jumped into #OperationStorytime with warmth and gusto. Operation Storytime is a wonderful collab between Romper and authors and creators everywhere to bring the wholesome content you crave on these looooong days at home.

Mora's books just exude energy and comfort. Just take a peek at her award winning cover. It's a story about love and food and comfort. Collage and paint and exuberant letters will make even the grumpiest of grumps (read: a lot of parents right now) happy.

And luckily for young readers (and art enthusiasts of all ages), Mora is reading her book Saturday, which feels almost clairvoyant, though it published before the coronavirus days. It's about making plans, breaking plans, disappointment, and love and coziness. It involves a lot of zooming. Delightful.

It's awesome to get a peek into her studio which is just as cubist and collage-y and colorful as one would hope.

Check out more of Oge Mora's work on Instagram and her website! Happy reading, bookworms!