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Ohio State Buckeyes Halloween Costumes For The Little Football Fan In Your Life

If you're an Ohio State grad or just a fan and you're proudly raising future Buckeyes or Buckeye fans, you might have some Ohio State gear lying around the house that could come together and be transformed into quick and easy Ohio State Buckeyes costumes for the tiny Buckeye fans in your life to wear out trick or treating on Halloween. Have all the apparel you could ever want and still aren't quite sure how to craft that costume? It's likely easier than you think.

Each of the costumes only really take a couple of components and each costume is more about gathering items and putting them together to create an outfit than any are about truly making a costume from scratch. There's no sewing involved in any of these and they can be thrown together at the last minute, based on store-bought items and things you might even already in your kid's chest of drawers or your junk drawer. Not too shabby. Your kid will have a great Halloween costume and no one will question what they're supposed to be because it will, for the most part, be readily apparent. They won't even have to hold their arms in an "O" over their heads all night long. I'd call that a win-win.


A Player


Football player is a common Halloween costume, but Ohio State football player? Maybe not quite so common (unless you live in Ohio), plus more specifically in line with your kid's interests. Pull their costume together with a pair of football pants ($20), cleats ($28 to $65), and, most importantly, this Ohio State jersey and helmet set ($25). Not too bad for a last-minute Halloween costume, especially if it's something your kid can wear again.


Brutus The Buckeye


Maybe your kid isn't so into the actual football game, but loves Brutus, the Buckeyes' mascot. Make them a Brutus costume for Halloween instead. You'll need a red and gray striped long-sleeve shirt ($10), a pair of red jogger pants ($38), and this Brutus hat ($25). All you'll have to do one you've acquired all your items is spell out Brutus in white felt on the front of the shirt and maybe add an Ohio State logo and then your costume is done.


Coach Urban Meyer


Many Buckeyes fans love head coach Urban Meyer. Dress your little one up like the Ohio State coach this year for Halloween for a more creative Ohio State-themed costume. You'll need some dress pants ($35), an Ohio State pullover jacket ($10), and, of course, a headset with boom microphone ($25) so they can chat with the rest of their coaching staff.


Quarterback J.T. Barrett


Does your kid have a favorite player on the Buckeyes? And is it quarterback J.T. Barrett? If so, dress them as the QB for trick or treating this year. This costume is a breeze to put together, requiring a number 16 Ohio State jersey ($29), a helmet ($30), and a football ($10) to throw down the block. There's someone wide open, right?


A Baby Buckeyes Fan


Your littlest Buckeyes fan doesn't have to be left out of the Halloween fun. They're just going as a fan, though, which means their costume might be the easiest one of them all. Dress them in one of these onesies ($20 for pack of two), baby leg warmers ($15) because the end of October can be awfully chilly, shoes, and a bib ($26 for both the bib and shoes). They'll be the best-dressed baby on the block.

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