Old Navy Is Practically Giving Socks Away On Black Friday (& They're So Fuzzy!)

As I get older, I become more appreciative of the simple pleasures in life. Clean sheets, really good coffee, a perfectly crisp fall day, and the resplendent joy that comes with the all-consuming feeling of being cozy and warm. As I see it, there is nothing quite so cozy as a warm pair of fuzzy socks on a cool night. That's why I'll be at Old Navy the day after Thanksgiving, because the Old Navy Cozy Socks One Dolla Holla Sale is back, and I need about a dozen more pairs.

As per a press release, on November 23 (Black Friday), all Old Navy stores will be selling their perpetually popular cozy socks for $1. The Cozy Socks One Dolla Holla Sale only lasts for one day, but what a deal: Normally, these patterned fuzzy socks retail for $5 per pair. Even better than that, for every pair purchased, Old Navy will donate $1 to Boys & Girls Clubs, (up to $1 million). That's a lot of charity for a product that will essentially serve as a loss leader for the Black Friday sales that are already set to knock your socks off — pun intended. There are over 30 novelty prints available, so there's something fun for everyone on Santa's list for this holiday season.

The charitable aspect of the purchase is honestly the most important. Sure, there's nothing cozier or perhaps more comforting than a new pair of fuzzy socks, but the Boys & Girls Clubs of America does amazing work. And it's one that's near and dear to my heart. When I was younger, before I had children, I volunteered at my local Boys & Girls Club as a lifeguard and a learn-to-swim instructor. I got to watch kids who'd never had the opportunity to take a swim lesson before go from being terrified of the pool, to diving for rings in the deep end over the course of a 12-week program.

The kids were able to come to our program after school in an area that didn't have much as far as student programming or extracurricular activities for kids to join. In fact, the Boys & Girls Club originated in 1860 in Connecticut as a purely safe location for boys who were unoccupied and who would benefit from structured activity. 180 years later, their mission continues, with chapters all across the country.

Imagine how much good could be done if the Old Navy Cozy Sock One Dolla Holla Sale was able to contribute the full $1 million to the cause.

And let's face it. For the Chosen among us, you know that fun fuzzy socks are not just the currency of Christmas. You can't pretend that a single Hanukkah has passed wherein you did not get at least three pairs of socks from your Mom or Bubbe after lighting the Menorah. The fox socks are too cute to not to give your kids for Hanukkah or in their stocking this Christmas.

Admittedly, I do want to see my husband don a pair of those brown bear socks, mostly because it feels as though it could absolutely complete his transformation into "Dad who just doesn't care that he's no longer cool even a little bit." But to be honest, there's something inherently cool, and (dare I say it?) sexy about a man who embraces the role of dad with full baby Bjorn-wearing, minivan-driving, dad joke-telling gusto. Even if it's only sexy to the moms of their kids. After 15 years together, I'll take sexy where I can get it, and really, so will he.

So go on and get out there on Black Friday and buy up the lot of them. (Except actually the limit is 10 pairs per customer, but buy up as many as they'll allow.) Your feet will be happy and it will make you feel good. Win/win.