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Old Navy's Black Friday Sales Are Going To Save You A Ridiculous Amount Of Money This Year


Every year, it feels like Old Navy's holiday sales can't improve upon themselves, but somehow they do. Their styles are getting more fashion forward, for one thing (remember when fleece vests and flag tee shirts were once the hallmarks of the brand?), and the prices? If they went any lower, this stuff would be free. Thankfully, Old Navy's Black Friday sales start soon, so you can start stocking up before all the most-wanted items sell out. Now, to prepare: What are the deals to watch for this season?

This year (as ever), the Black Friday discounts are truly a goldmine for shoppers... and they're starting early, too, as Old Navy announced in a press release. Kicking off on November 15 and running until November 20, you'll get 40 percent off your entire purchase for the Black Friday Pre-Party Sale (including the many, many items already marked down). Then, on November 21, the Black Friday Now Sale goes into effect, when even more prices will be slashed (as low as five bucks) and you'll get a whopping 50 percent off your grand total.

The magic only lasts until November 23, unfortunately, but at least Old Navy cardmembers can get early access to the Black Friday Now Sale from Thursday, Nov. 15, to Sunday, Nov. 18, when using their Old Navy credit card in-store and online.

Think of all the cozy pajamas and sweaters you could buy! I'm so ready. Here are just a few things I'm keeping my eye on... perhaps you'll want to do the same. (FYI: Remember the prices below are current; while some are already discounted, additional discounts for both Black Friday sales at Old Navy will be taken off your entire purchase.)

1. Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans For Women

Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jeans For Women


Old Navy

The kind of jeans you wear and wear and wear because they're so versatile, these are skinny without being restrictive and come in a variety of shades. Originally priced at $30.

Jeans for $15? (Plus whatever discount comes with the Black Friday sale of your choice?) To find cheaper jeans, you'd have to... well, you can't find cheaper jeans.

3. A Matching Sweater For Dad

Shawl Collar Sweater For Men


Old Navy

Sturdy but not stiff, this cotton-blend sweater in a classic shawl neck is also available in "oatmeal" and was originally priced at $50.

Yes, I would absolutely dress my husband and baby up in the same sweater and take roughly ten million pictures of them together. Preferably in someplace very full of Holiday cheer. St Patrick's Cathedral or Macy's Santa Land. Something like that. Just doing it for the gram.

6. Faux Leather Leggings

High-Rise Zip-Pocket Faux-Leather/Ponte Plus-Size Street Leggings


Old Navy

With a faux zipper and pocket front, these faux-leather leggings could be either dressy or laid-back. Originally $43.

These look great, and for the price, you can't beat them. Faux leather leggings can go for as much as $100 elsewhere, and finding a range of sizes is always a challenge, so this pair is particularly cool.

7. Flannel Pajamas For Kids

Printed Pajama Set for Toddler & Baby


Old Navy

These flannel pajamas are classic in tartan, but they're also pretty great in red-and-black plaid or printed with dinosaurs or dogs. Sizes 6 months through 6T.

Why are babies in old man pajamas so cute? Only, instead of pulling out a Werther's Original out of their pocket, you're likely to get a Goldfish cracker and filthy pacifier.

8. Quilted Jersey Bootie Slippers

9. Tights For Girls

Heavy Footed Tights


Old Navy

This is a stock-up price. These tights come in black or white, and they're priced to go -- especially for little girls who put a run in their stockings almost as soon as they put them on.

I'm 35 and I can barely wear tights without getting a run in them. Why don't they have three dollar tights for me? At least my daughter will be warm and cozy.

10. Crinkle Jersey Lace Trimmed Dress

11. Text-Friendly Gloves

Sweater-Knit Text-Friendly Gloves for Boys


Old Navy

With "text-friendly tips" on the thumbs and forefingers of these knit gloves, there'll be no complaints about winter gear getting in the way of gaming.

Because kids don't care about warmth as much as they do about looking cool (and playing on their phone), these gloves could be a lifesaver this season. Or at least they'll keep you from worrying so much about frostbite.