Old Navy's Ad With 2 Dads & Their Kids Rocking Christmas PJs Is Sweeter Than Hot Cocoa

If you want to feel full of joyful holiday cheer, please direct your attention to Old Navy's new advertisements featuring two dads and their adorable kids hanging out in festive pajamas and looking cozier than ever. It's lovely, inclusive, fun, and celebrates diversity in families — what more could one ask for this holiday season?

Old Navy's holiday pajamas — or as they are called in the ad "Jingle Jammies" — have never looked better than they do in the company's most recent advertisement. This one, unveiled this week, features two dads, Dustin Smith and Burton Buffaloe, looking impossibly perfect alongside their equally sweet 3-year-old twins, son Stone and daughter Holland. The family is from Raleigh, North Carolina and they apparently have only one "non-negotiable" when it comes to celebrating the holidays: they're all about Santa Claus visiting on Christmas morning.

As they explained in a Facebook post for Old Navy, they tend to take their traditions and "mash them together to create a style that's all ours – but Santa comes to our house on Christmas day, that's non-negotiable."

While there are some people who seemed hell-bent on taking umbrage with the sweet ad featuring two dads cuddling with their sweet twins, most absolutely loved it. One Facebook user commented, "Thank you for showing ALL kinds of families!!!" while another wrote "Bravo re: this ad Old Navy! It’s warm & charming, the kids are precious, and I want to find these two dad models and work with them!" And I can't help agreeing with this social media user who pointed out, "The whole family is really unfairly good looking. What an adorable ad! Happy holidays!"

Smith also shared the ad on his own Instagram page with a beautiful message about family. "Exposure to families that may not be like your own, in particular, encourages tolerance and acceptance because the fact is, everyone’s family is unique," his post read in part. "As we prep for the holidays we are celebrating uniqueness and individuality."

Also, please look at these sweet twins sipping their hot cocoa in their holiday pajamas and tell me you don't believe in the spirit of Christmas.

Old Navy

The reality is this: Families really do come in all shapes and sizes and should be represented in the media. Sure, this family is especially beautiful and this can be difficult for those of us who look, well, average. But that's OK, I'll get over it.