Old Navy's Scout Utility Jacket in multiple colors
Old Navy

Every Mom Needs This Perfect Fall Jacket That's Only $15 Today

Tired of doing school drop off in that enormous Hogwarts sweatshirt your mom inexplicably bought for your husband last Christmas even though it's too sizes too small and he's never even seen Harry Potter? Well, then you might be very keen on this deal - Old Na's Scout Utility Jacket is only $15 (discounted from $50) and it's perfect for chilly autumn days.

Transitioning from summer to fall can often result in looking like one got dressed in total darkness. Shorts with fleece... tank tops with parkas... The temps can be unpredictable, and it can result in some truly bananas ensembles. Which is why a lightweight jacket like this can be so handy. A transition jacket is common sense, I know, but I swear it was only like last year that I was like: "Ooooh. Maybe I need something in between a cardigan and a down full length puffer?"

The scout utility is the kind of all-purpose jacket every mom needs, really. It's sturdy, has pockets, and you can kind of throw it over anything and suddenly look like a very stylish and organized parent who has just leisurely finished a homemade smoothie and dashed off several very important emails, and not at all like you have a blue raspberry Icee stain on your back and had a piece of turkey bacon you found on the floor for breakfast. (Did I mention it's only $15 today? The same price as a bottle of Tide! Which you can use to get future Icee stains out of your jacket, should more spillage occur. This baby is machine washable!)

It's made of soft canvas, and comes in navy, ochre, a soft rose pink, and a timeless army green. (Or "arugula", according to the Old Navy copywriters.) Sizes run from XS to XXL. It also has side pockets, and can be closed with either a zipper or snaps, which is handy for when you are running at breakneck speed to get out the door and simply do not have the time or focus for the mechanics of a zipper.

One small warning. The pockets up top are mere style illusion and do not open. So any moms excited by extra storage for L.O.L. dolls, chewed gum, or dirty acorns found at the playground, take note: These pockets are sewn shut.

What it does have, however, is a cinched waist with an adjustable string inside, so you can tighten and loosen the jacket as needed. Just finished brunch with the girls? Loosen away! Feeling a little chilly and need to restrict airflow? Just cinch that sucker up.

With over 500 five-star reviews on Old Navy, it's safe to say ladies really dig this coat. The words "Perfect!" and "Super Cute" are thrown about liberally. Several shoppers do say it runs large, so bear that in mind.

Anyway, for $15 this is indeed a steal. You could buy one for your mom and sister as well as yourself. And then look like you're super generous and not just a savvy, budget shopper. (Though be sure to get the one for your mom two sizes too big. Revenge for that Hogwarts sweatshirt...)