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Old Navy's Rockstar Day Sale Is On To Make Your Denim Dreams Come True

I'm not sure if it's all that cool to admit this, but probably my favorite thing is finding out about a sale. Especially if it's a sale on something I would have bought full price and then regretted it later because this means I get to buy the things I want and not have to deal with all that pesky guilt that's bad for my skin. So now let me get to the good news; Old Navy's Rockstar Day Sale has arrived, and if you've never treated yourself to their Rockstar jeans now is most definitely the time. I mean, they're such a great fitting jean they do have their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame after all, what more could you want?

On Saturday, Sept. 21, Old Navy is giving their customers exactly what they want; a massive sale on their most popular jeans. That's right, folks, Rockstar jeans are on sale all day starting at just $15 all day Saturday online and in store in celebration of National Rockstar Day. It should be noted that Old Navy made up this holiday but still, since they're the ones in charge of the sale I think it's totally justified, don't you? Especially since actual rock stars Chloe x Halle recently presented these jeans with their very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

If you're still on the fence about whether or not you should try out a pair of Rockstar jeans, you should probably know that Old Navy sells 47,000 pairs of them to grateful women every single day. Also chic celebrities like Christina Hendricks, Blake Lively, Rachel Bilson, and Kate Bosworth all wear them, according to a press release the company shared with Romper, so you'll basically be a celebrity if you give them a shot yourself. I wear them too but I'm not a celebrity so it's not as exciting.

Perhaps even more important than a celebrity endorsement are the 36,000 five-star ratings since the jeans, which are available in 39 sizes and three different universally flattering rises, were first launched in 2012. Because let's face it, I need to know how regular-sized women feel about these jeans. Fans wrote reviews like:

I recently had twins so I've been having a hard time feeling comfortable in jeans. These jeans are great. They are true to size and can be dressed up or down. I love them.
These are the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn. Seriously. They fit great!
My new favorite! I think I may have to buy another pair. I love these!

Old Navy recently updated all of their denim, including the iconic Rockstar, to make them more comfortable for women and all the different types of bodies we have. And now that fall is on its way, we are all going to need many new pairs of jeans to wear with boots, heels, flats, whatever. So I say everyone take full advantage of this sale because all the stars have aligned, including the Rockstar jeans star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame so there.