Olivia Wilde Posted A Pic Of Her Naked Son On Instagram & The Internet Is Totally Judging Her

Who hasn’t rummaged through old family photos and found a picture of a naked baby? Great, if you haven't, but it's sort of standard to see a baby being bathed in the kitchen sink or running around in a diaper just living their life. Which is why it’s so surprising that people are flipping their lids at Olivia Wilde’s Instagram shot of her “naked cowboy.” Wilde posted a pic of her 19 month old son Otis on Instagram naked on a porch wearing a huge cowboy hat just thinking about the ocean and the next time he would get a snack (assuming here). You can’t even see his face. It’s just your standard naked baby shot. Sheesh, my parents have an entire roll of film dedicated to me butt-ass naked with a sand pail over my head on the Jersey Shore. And some more of my brother running around the backyard in a diaper, wielding my New Kids On The Block Jordan Knight Barbie doll as a weapon.

Naked babies are goofy and cute. We take pictures of goofy and cute things all the time (can anyone say “red pandas?”).

Yet, let the power of the Internet in 2015 speak for itself. Many commenters gushed at how cute her son was. One wrote, “Baby buns are just the best.” Another laughed, jokingly, about how much her son “will hate you for this.” Who actually hates their parents for naked baby photos? It’s the one point in life that a little human still doesn’t know about body image or expectations and can just saunter around in a hat, all smiles, not even knowing someone will make them take a nap later. Another commenter summed it up best: “Love this. No childhood is complete without a naked candid picture from mom.”

What’s strange are the commentators who liken Wilde’s shot of her son to child porn. Or warn of “sickos” on the Internet.

Seriously? Settle down, TMZ.

Recently, Romper contributor Olivia Hinebaugh wrote about someone reporting an image of her toddler, toplesss, with the cutest set of orange leg warmers and matching undies. She grappled with the same thing celebs probably do: pictures of her kids exist online. Does that mean she’s supplying child porn? Or is just really the modern equivalent of my parents’ stacks of pics of my brother and I running through a sprinkler in our birthday suits? It’s a bigger question about privacy for civilians like most of us. We can set our accounts to "private" and hope for the best. But paparazzi spent the weekend trying to snag pics of Olivia with her baby in the ocean, on a family vacation.

If you can't beat them, join them. And make it glaringly obvious that if anyone thinks that picture is criminal, it says more about the eye of the beholder than anything about the proud and happy mom.

Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images