Olli Ella

You'll Basically Want To Live In Olli Ella's Mommy & Me Dresses This Summer

If you're part of the somewhat "cult following" of Olli Ella's popular wicker cart — the luggy — then you'll be so stoked to hear about the Ollie Ella's Mommy and Me dresses collection via Wares By Olli Ella. Olli Ella's products are just clean, classic, stylish, rustic, and simple — and their clothes most definitely reflect this, too.

In case you haven't heard of them before, the company started as a kids' decor brand in London, and was co-founded by two sisters, Chloe and Olivia. The name Olli Ella is a combination of their first and middle names, and their products are based on their "nomadic childhoods," according to the brand's website. What's also really neat about this vintage-inspired brand is they only use natural materials in all of their products, and everything is sourced sustainably with a focus on "craftsmanship and ethical production."

They have sweet rustic toys for kids, including the luggy, as well as adult-sized home goods and decor. There is lots and lots of wicker, which is pretty neat and something you don't see every day. But don't worry, their clothes are wicker-free, not to mention comfortable and airy for mamas and their children alike.