Outschool's Online Kids Classes Offer A New Way To Do Summer Camp

I am a last-minute kind of mom. You know, the kind who doesn't make plans for what my kid is going to wear to superhero day at school until the morning of when I grab a towel and drape it over his shoulders like a cape, throw a pair of Spiderman sunglasses on him, and call it good enough. So, when it comes to planning for summer camps, I most definitely missed the early May deadline for every overpriced arts and sports camp in our area. Lucky for me, Outschool offers online summer camp classes for my kids that I can still sign up for.

Before I learned about Outschool, I had no idea that an entire online community exists where kids from preschool to high school-aged can learn a variety of topics from real teachers in real time. Thankfully, I learned about this amazing set of programs for kids just in time for summer break when my kids really need a little bit of extra entertainment at home. If your child has an interest, there is probably a corresponding Outschool class or camp to match whatever it is that they're into. Classes and camps in music, art, technology, language, life skills, and more are offered by Outschool.

The premise is pretty simple, and it is really refreshing to see so much variety available with Outschool to supplement children's education and help enrich their extracurricular experiences. Simply search through Outschool's database of offerings to find whatever it is that your child is wanting to learn more about. If you have a Taylor Swift-loving tween on your hand, there's a class available where they can learn Spanish through catchy pop tunes. If your kiddo can never get enough Minecraft time in, there's a class where they can learn how to create stop motion animation using Minecraft characters. Seriously, there is something for every kid.

The live video chat format of most classes offered allows kids to interact with both their instructor and other students, just like they would in a face-to-face summer camp or class atmosphere. Depending on the class you choose, some are pre-recorded to allow your child to work at their own pace. Some classes require you to purchase materials ahead of time to have on hand for lessons, like paint or canvas for art or fabric for sewing classes.

Driving to piano lessons twice a week eats up precious time with your family that you could be using to cook together, work on projects around the house, or focus on homework. But if you sign your child up for lessons with Outschool, you can cut out the drive time and your kid can get the same quality instruction online right in the comfort of your own home.

This is especially helpful for helping keep kids entertained during the summer when sending them to summer dance camp for just one week typically costs more than double what their entire month of lessons during the school year costs. Take it from this former dance teacher ⁠— your kid will happily plié the day away right in their own bedroom under the supervision of one of Outschool's instructors this summer if you sign them up. They'll enjoy the benefits of learning some new skills or honing in on whatever they're passionate about and you'll save money and time in the process.

Most classes are available for an average of $5 -$15 per learner, and the class sizes are typically capped at eight students to keep student-teacher ratios manageable. And the classes are taught by passionate instructors who have experience in the fields they are teaching and they have all undergone background checks prior to becoming an Outschool teacher. When you view an Outschool course prior to sign-up, you'll be able to read about the instructor's background and qualifications, as well as reviews from other parents whose children have participated in the class before. This is a great tool to utilize to ensure that you're getting a quality class that your kid will definitely enjoy participating in.