These 'Outlander' Season 3 Book Spoilers Aren't For The Faint Of Heart

There are two kinds of people in the world — the kind of people who live for the surprise twists on their favorite shows, and the kind of people who need a little more preparation (or are just impatient). If you are one of the latter groups, stick around because I am about to lay out some Outlander Season 3 book spoilers from Voyager so you'll know exactly what's coming up in the third installment. If you are a part of the former group, away with ye! Book spoilers ahead!

The author of the series, Diana Gabaldon, has been a big part of the show as a consultant. Perhaps this is part of the reason that the show has hewn so closely to the books, and beautifully captured the real heart of the series that made it a cult classic for so long. And it looks like the third series will closely follow the plot of the book version as well (thank goodness), which Gabaldon herself confirmed in a tweet not too long ago. This means that viewers will get to meet a whole new set of characters, and be introduced to a whole new setting outside of Scotland. (Pretty great, right?) Get ready to fall in love with Ian Murray, Mr. Willoughby, Marsali, and Lord John Grey, while saying goodbye to pretty much all the Mackenzies (except one). Let's start with...

The Battle Of Culloden

At the beginning of Voyager, it is revealed that Jamie didn't actually die in battle as he was intending to do. He kills his arch-nemesis, Black Jack Randall, otherwise known as The Devil, and is sent back to Lallybroch to die of his wounds instead of being executed. Jamie then spends several years hiding in a cave because he is a famous traitor, then eventually goes to prison for the safety of his tenants. It's kind of rough.

Jamie Moves To England

Once he gets out of prison, where he naturally became the leader of the other prisoners and befriended his jailer, Jamie spends a few years working as a groom in England (while all of the other prisoners are sentenced to indentured servitude in America). Here, Jamie meets the Dunsany sisters, one of whom blackmails him into taking her virginity. This tryst results in a child, Willie, though the mother, Geneva, dies giving birth to him.

Claire's Daughter Finds Out Jamie's Fate

With the help of Roger Wakefield, who was first introduced as a tiny child in the first part of the series, Claire and Jamie's daughter Brianna figure out that Jamie didn't actually die in the battle of Culloden. By the 1760s, Jamie is working in a printshop in Edinburgh. So to Edinburgh (and the stones) Claire decides to go. The two lovers meet after 20 years apart in the famous printshop scene and I Can. Not. Wait.

Claire & Jamie Head To Jamaica

For reasons involving hidden treasure, a kidnapped nephew, and a long-lost acquaintance, Claire and Jamie are not going to stay in Scotland for long. The two hop aboard a ship and travel across the Atlantic to Jamaica, for even more harrowing adventures on an entirely new continent.

This is going to be so good, you guys. Get excited!

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