Courtesy Amazon

Owlet's Baby Monitors & Smart Socks Are Finally Going On Sale On Prime Day

One of the best days of the year for snagging deals online is coming up, and it's going to feature some enticing bargains for parents. Amazon's Prime Day sale on the Owlet Cam and Smart Sock could save new moms and dads big money.

Both devices will be more than 20 percent off during the July 15 and 16 sale. The Owlet Cam, which normally sells for $149, will be $116 for Prime Day. Owlet's Smart Sock, which is $299 at full price, will be $229 during the sale.

The Owlet Cam is not your average baby monitor. It syncs with an app on your phone so you can control it remotely, and lets you see, hear, and speak to your little one from anywhere. The picture is top notch, thanks to the camera's HD 1080p video quality which even features night vision. The camera is also equipped with a 130 degree wide angle lens, so no matter where you place it in the nursery, you should be able to get a great view. Secure, encrypted WIFI keeps your stream secure, so you don't have to worry about privacy. You can even monitor the temperature in the nursery with it.

The Owlet Cam's best feature, however, might be what you can do with it when you pair it with the Smart Sock. Use the two together, and not only can you monitor the sights and sounds coming from your nursery, but you can also track your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels. The Smart Sock will send you an alert if either one them falls into dangerous territory. You can monitor the readings in real-time on the app, but if you're doing something else on your phone, the app will keep monitoring in the background.

Back in 2017, a dad shared the story of how the Owlet sock saved his newborn son's life. He and his wife were woken up by a notification that said their baby's heart was racing at an abnormally fast 286 beats a minute. They rushed the boy to the hospital, where doctors found he had supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), a heart condition that can block blood flow to the body. The Smart Sock allowed those parents to catch the problem and treat it before it became a life-threatening issue — which makes $300 seem like a small sum to pay for the device. When you can shave $70 off the price tag thanks to Amazon Prime Day, it becomes even more alluring.

Some Prime Day deals are already available, according to USA Today, while others won't go live until the 15th. If you want to get a preview of some more deals before they officially roll out, you can download the Amazon app and type in "sneak peak." It'll give you a look at some of the upcoming sale prices and you can get a reminder once the price drops. You won't see the sale price for the Owlet Cam and Smart Sock on the site just yet, but pop them into your cart now and you'll be ready to check out as soon as Prime Day begins.