a toddler sitting in the OXO Tot Sprout highchair
All Of OXO Tot's Products Are 20% Off, Including The Sprout High Chair

OXO — the brand known for their simple, elegant, and effective products for the home — has some great news to share, especially for parents. The OXO Tot sale is happening from January 10 through January 26, when all of the items in the line will be 20% off (including the award-winning Sprout High Chair).

Also included in the sale are other baby registry must-have items, like a soap dispensing bottle brush with stand, a pull-wipes dispenser, a space-saving drying rack, and a splash and store bathtub. Excuse me, why wasn’t I aware of this soap dispensing bottle brush? That would have been absolutely amazing to have when I was spending my entire life scrubbing bottles and all of my pump parts over and over again while exclusively pumping.

Also included is the life (and mess)-saving suction dishware, which moms of toddlers know is oh so important (because for some reason toddlers are like cats and love to knock stuff on the floor to watch it fall). And don’t forget about that genius roll-up bib and 2-in-1 Go Potty. If you're a parent of a baby or toddler, you have to check out this sale. And you better hurry, because I have a feeling these items won’t be on “shelves” for long.


Space-Saving Drying Rack

When my son was drinking pumped breastmilk, I felt like we never had any room on our counter tops to prep anything because the millions of bottles were taking over the dryer rack we had. I so wish we had this space-saving dryer rack. Look how compact it is, y'all. It goes against the wall, has removable parts for cleaning, and your bottles and sippy cups will dry better because of the angle.


Sprout High Chair

Not only is this high chair beautiful, but it's incredibly functional, too. It grows with your child from 6 months old all the way through 5 years old. The height and depth is adjustable, there are removable parts, and it can be converted into a "youth chair" that can be pulled right up to the table.


Splash & Store Bathtub

And yet another incredibly versatile and smart product. This bathtub also grows with your baby and accommodates them until they're 18 months old. So from the time they're a newborn (with the infant insert) until they're 18 months old, you can use this sleek tub wherever you need to. It also collapses flat for "compact storage" and there's even a quick release drain. There's even a hook for the tub to hang dry from the curtain rod or shower head.


Stick & Stay Suction Dishware

My 19-month-old son's favorite thing to do is toss his plate onto the ground and watch our dogs eat his meals. Now we've learned our lesson (as new parents eventually do): We put the dogs in the kitchen and gave our kid a suction plate. The ones we use currently seem to be no match for our son's strength, though, so I think we are going to have to take advantage of this sale to snag some of this dishware. OXO's divided plates look sturdy and durable, as do their other dishes. They come in navy, pink, and teal, so they're pretty fashionable, too.


2-in-1 Go Potty

This potty seat is multifunctional, and the description says it's designed for standalone use with a toilet at home or anywhere with the use of disposable bags, which you can also purchase from OXO. This potty comes with a travel bag and three disposable bags, and seems like it would be a huge help with potty training.


Soap Dispensing Bottle Brush With Stand

I am kicking myself for not registering for this bottle brush when I was pregnant. How much easier and less time consuming would washing bottles and pump parts be if I had this gem? This brush "dispenses just the right amount of soap so you don't waste a drop," the description notes. There's even a non-slip handle, and the stand can hold the brush sideways for it to drip into the sink. I'm in love.


Roll-Up Bib

These bibs are genius. My son has a similar one and it was just not flexible enough and I think he felt like he was wearing a giant rubber vest, which I guess he was. He did get excited when he'd find "extra food" in the little pocket, though. This particular bib is soft, has a velcro closure, and is adjustable. It also rolls up and tucks neatly into a diaper bag.


PerfectPull Wipes Dispenser

The worst of the worst is when my son has a blow out and I'm trying to one-handedly pull the wipes out of the dispenser and I either can't manage to pull even a single wipe out or I pull 15 of them out at once (my other hand is busy keeping my son's hands out of his diaper because that's always a disaster). This PerfectPullWipes dispenser works exactly as the name describes. There's a weighted plate that dispenses one wipe at a time, so no more grabbing too many at once. And wipes are so expensive, y'all. I always get so mad when I pull a ton out because without fail my son will snag them and throw them on the floor. Oh, toddlers.