These Mismatched Socks Are Easy On Laundry Day, & Teach An Important Lesson To Kids

My childhood best friend was known for having two different pairs of socks on at all times. Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever saw her with matching socks when we’d jump on our neighbor’s trampoline every day. Otherwise she was always barefoot, and we’d run around our neighborhood with our feet flying free. Oh, the ‘90s — those were the days. Anyway, even if her mismatching wasn't intentional, I know my friend and her parents would've loved that you can buy these mismatched Pals Socks socks for your kids. Oh yes, it's a win.

So now I don't have to spend precious minutes digging through my son’s sock drawer every morning trying to find a pair of socks that match since most of their mates tend to get lost in the washing machine? I’m intrigued. Pals Socks is “an inclusive streetwear socks brand that is creating collectible mismatched socks to show kids how much fun it is to have friends that are different.” In fact, it’s their mission, per their press release. These cozy kids’ socks come in a variety of characters and designs, including dragon and unicorn pals, ladybug and caterpillar pals, werewolf and zombie pals, fox and bunny pals, or wolf and sheep pals, the press release also noted. There's also cat and dog pals, T-rex and triceratops pals, cow and pig pals, and other pairings to choose from.

Not only are these socks super cute and incredibly cozy, but they have no-slip grips on the bottom. Something even I appreciate, as someone who is 33 years old and literally just slipped in her socks on the hardwood floor this morning. And luckily, in addition to toddler and kid-sized socks, they come in adult sizes. Hey, maybe I should send some to my childhood friend? Especially since for every pair of Pals Socks that are sold, the company donates a pair to Cradles to Crayons of Philadelphia. Cradles to Crayons of Philadelphia collects infant and children’s clothing, shoes, books, toys, and school supplies and gives them to children in need in Philadelphia. According to the Cradles to Crayons of Philadelphia website, there are more than 300,000 children in Greater Philadelphia who live in poverty. And boy does it get cold up there, says this southerner. These kids definitely need some cozy socks and other warm clothing. You can learn more about how to donate on their website, in addition to purchasing a pair of these rad mismatched socks.

These adorable, cozy, and mismatched socks are $9 a pair, and can be purchased on the Pals Socks website. And not only will your kid (or you) be styling in these super fun socks, but your kid will be learning that it's fun and cool to have friends that are different than you, and you'll be helping another child in need of some cozy socks in Philadelphia. Talk about a win-win. No more digging around your kids' sock drawer or angrily buying more socks because the sock gnome in your dryer stole another match.