Paparazzi Sold Photos Of Kailyn Lowry's Body, & Her Tweets About It Are Heart-Wrenching

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry took to Twitter to on Monday to vent about body-shaming, a topic that many parents have probably dealt with before. And though it's true that Lowry's experience with this issue is a bit unique given her position in the public eye (she gets photographed by paparazzi at her most vulnerable moments, for example), the sentiment behind her messages is not uncommon. In fact, if you've ever been criticized about your looks before, you'll probably relate to Kailyn Lowry's tweets about body-shaming on deep a level.

On Tuesday, Lowry revealed via Twitter that she had canceled a "boob job" and "lipo" surgery with famed plastic surgeon, Michael Salzhauer, aka Dr. Miami. Lowry, who underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift in January 2016, according to Women's Health, canceled the appointment because she plans to seek out a nutritionist in addition to upping her workout game.

Lowry explained to her Twitter followers, according to PEOPLE:

I won’t lie to y’all, i came to Miami for lipo & a boob job. But hours before my surgery i decided i don’t want to go through with it. When i get home I’ll use the money i was gonna spend on surgery for a nutritionist & get back into working out.

Shortly after Lowry made the brave admission (she didn't have to share this info, mind you), her followers sent her messages of support. "It takes time! I just had another baby nugget 5 months ago. Our bodies aren't going to be the same and that's okay! Be kind to yourself," one fan wrote, according to Twitter. Another chimed in: "You shouldn't have to explain yourself ... I think your beautiful no matter what."

Unfortunately for Lowry, however, it turns out some of the tweets she received weren't as supportive or kind. And to add insult to injury, on Monday Lowry learned that paparazzi recently "sold pictures" of her enjoying a day at the beach, photos that she would rather not have the entire world be privy to. Lowry penned in a series of tweets:

Out of 10 years on tv I’m having the hardest time NOW. The pressure of outsiders, the criticism, the judgement. Sure i put myself out there. But never in my life have i seen or felt cruelty like i have lately.
It comes with the territory” no sh*t. But it seems to get worse over time. Not better. Sometimes I’m numb to it. Sometimes i don’t read it. Sometimes it doesn’t bother me.
But sometimes it does. And today it does.
I can read & write books, study for a test and pass, teach my kids manners. But i can’t tell myself to pick a fucking salad over a burger and then wonder why i struggle in the gym. Hate myself for it. Then come online & hear it from everyone else too.
Paparazzi f*cked my own head up after they sold the pix of me on the beach.
I didn’t go through w my surgeries in Miami so let’s sell unflattering pix of Kail @ the beach so everyone can see her fat & cellulite to make her regret cancelling.
Ok I’m done crying about it.

Although it's unfortunate that Lowry is going through such a difficult time right now, it's great that she's being so honest about her struggles. Lowry's tweets let other parents out there know that it's OK to express hurt about body-shaming because it *is* an incredibly painful situation to deal with, especially when you have other issues to worry about too. And too often, parents feel pressure to put up a tough exterior despite the hurt they might be feeling inside. So, I have to commend Lowry for opening up about such a sensitive topic and being vulnerable with her fans.

It's also worth pointing out that Lowry's messages help to raise awareness about the pressure parents face to lose weight after they give birth. Lowry, who just gave birth to her third child in August, has received a lot of hate from fans for her weight throughout the years, but it recently reached a fever pitch now that she's about six months postpartum. If you recently gave birth, you can probably relate to the stress Lowry is under to "get her pre-baby body back," despite how problematic that societal pressure actually is.

Lowry is also drawing attention to the fact that many parents are too hard on themselves. More often than not, parents focus on what they're doing "wrong" as opposed to what they're doing right. And although Lowry might not feel like she has control over things in her life 100 percent of the time, it's obvious she is doing a great job raising her sons, which is really all that matters.

So, here's to Lowry being honest and open with her pain. Life, especially when you're a parent, has its ups and downs and it's refreshing to see Lowry tackling this fact head-on.

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