Some Parents Are Really Fired Up About These "Anatomically Correct" LOL Surprise! Dolls

by Jen McGuire

Parents have expressed outrage on social media after discovering that their child's male LOL Surprise! Dolls had genitals. Some called it "inappropriate," while others felt caught off guard by the detail on the toy. LOL Surprise, the makers of the collectible mini dolls that come inside a sphere, has since addressed the concerns on social media, saying that it "[supports] a world of #inclusivity and #noshame!"

When you buy an LOL Surprise! Doll, you don't really know what you'll get until the doll is opened. And several parents have taken to social media to voice their concerns after opening the LOL Surprise! Boy Series dolls to find they toys were anatomically correct. As in, these little boy dolls had some pretty realistic-looking genitals. And some parents were really weren't happy about it.

In one Facebook post that has since been deleted, one mom expressed outrage that her daughter's LOL Surprise! Boy doll had a penis, and she felt it was not age-appropriate. "Can someone please tell me why the heck my daughters lol surprise doll came with a surprise? Am I crazy to think its highly inappropriate to put a penis and testicles on my daughters toy. I am so extremely p**sed," she wrote the company.

"Attention parents please check your children’s LOL Surprise dolls. The boy dolls are inappropriate and obscene for small children especially girls as they are anatomically correct with no warning on the packaging," another parent wrote on Facebook.

It should be noted that in the product description of the LOL Surprise! Boys Series Doll on Amazon, the first line reads, "Anatomically correct doll." Still, another parent commented on the deleted post that it was a "huge fail" because only the boy dolls were anatomically correct. "You do not include genitals on the female dolls," one parent commented, as Metro reported," so why include genitals on the male dolls?"

While Romper's request for comment from LOL Surprise regarding the recent uproar was not immediately returned, the company took a moment to respond to it all in a post on Facebook, sharing that it supports the inclusion of realistic genitals.

"Yes, our boy characters are anatomically correct," LOL Surprise wrote on Facebook on Dec. 12. "We embrace all body styles, shapes, colors and anatomy — we support a world of #inclusivity and #noshame! We want all of our fans to feel included in our brand, because there’s room for everyone to sit with us."

While many parents were shocked to see the realistic genitals on this collection of LOL Surprise! Dolls, others were happy to see the detail. As one mom commented on the company's Facebook post, "I’m okay with this. It helps teach my daughter the private areas for both sexes & her to know proper names. It can be a good educational tool." Meanwhile, another said, "My daughter's have brothers. I think they'd be shocked if they weren't anatomically correct."