These Parents Have Some ~*Wild*~ Theories About 'PAW Patrol'

Having kids means you have to do a lot of things you used to enjoy but just on a little person's terms. Like watching TV. Before kids? That's a relaxing pastime, but after kids, it means watching the same show over and over again. Sometimes, the only respite is social media, where you can find other parents who also have a lot of theories about PAW Patrol and all the other ridiculous things your kid makes you watch.

Just in case you've somehow missed it, or your kids have been on other TV kicks, don't worry: the PAW Patrol crew will eventually find its way into your life. It's a Canadian cartoon that airs on Nick Jr. and features Ryder, a "real boy" and a bunch of adorable puppies who work to protect Adventure Bay, although, according to the theme song, they'll be there "on the double" wherever "you're in trouble."

The search and rescue puppies all have different jobs, like one is a police officer, another a firefighter...you get the point. They'll help you with their special pup tools in their special "pup packs," and they're either super cute or super terrible depending on what Reddit feed you take a deep dive into. One dad and reporter for The Guardian, Martin Belam, decided to ask his Twitter followers a *major* question he had about the PAW Patrol universe, asking:

Who is the never-seen-figure who is funding Paw Patrol, and why are they investing billions in ridiculous equipment for small dogs to operate, instead of funding proper emergency services in Adventure Bay?

Now, this is the kind of thing that's been plaguing grown-ups for some time. Last year, Reddit user enb09 wrote in a forum last year that they were really confused about how the town works. Like, is it a Gotham situation where everyone in charge is just so corrupt and they just let the dogs run it? Where did Ryder come from? The Reddit user wrote:

Did the mayor put out a help notice to neighboring cities or was Ryder raised there? WHY ARE THERE ONLY 6 DOGS IN ADVENTURE BAY? Why can dogs talk but not cats? When someone has a baby who do they call? Is there an additional dog we don't know about called Nanny or something for when someone gives birth? Because that'd be hilarious, can you imagine his pup pack haha

You can see how quickly this kind of conversation devolves. So when Belam dared wonder who was in charge and where all these resources are coming from, fellow parents had some ideas ready. Not like they were, you know, thinking about it already or anything.

These Get Deep Real Fast About the Adventure Bay Overlords

Others Had Some More Political Theories

Some people have put entirely way too much time into thinking about Adventure Bay. Another Reddit user wrote last year in a forum that Ryder is actually a prince! And his parents sent him away, as per family tradition, to learn how to rule. Reddit user tealpenguin2000 wrote:

Ryder as we said is the son of the royal family and next in the bloodline to the throne. As such he has received the best of everything; education from leading scientists, housing, money, and opportunities. To prepare him for his life running a country a vasade [sic] has been placed around him in which he has to police the town and solve their problems.

They added, "This is done by a group of employees (some of whom are families of the children in the town) who create the safe learning space."

So if you're feeling all alone on your couch mumbling the PAW Patrol theme song to yourself and thinking about who pays for Ryder's utilities and upkeep on the pup packs, just know that you're not alone. There are more parents out there doing the same thing. Just, back away from the internet now and again in the name of self-care.

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