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Parents Love This Photo Of Jessie James Decker's Belly Because Of Its Message

by Gillian Walters

Jessie James Decker is one of those celebrity moms who aims for transparency 24/7. Want some proof? Look no further than this new photo of Jessie James Decker that's resonating with parents across the board. In the cute snap, Decker bares her postpartum stomach in a bikini and the fact that moms love it is incredibly important when it comes to the concept of self-love.

Decker — mom to Vivianne, 4, Eric Decker II, 3, and Forrest, 7-months — loves to share snaps from her busy life on Instagram. And sometimes, Decker gets in trouble for her posts, like the time she shared a pic of herself breastfeeding while holding what appeared to be an alcoholic beverage. Gasp.

But while Decker has had her fair share of controversies, she has also enjoyed plenty of wins. An example of this? On Tuesday, Decker inspired positive reactions when she shared a gorgeous pic of herself on a photoshoot. "Another fun day shooting 🙌🏽 #southbeach," Decker captioned the snap.

Shortly after Decker shared the post, many parents took to the comments section to praise the mom for showing off her "momma skin" and "mom body."

"Mom bod goals," someone wrote.

"You are a true inspiration," another person chimed in. "Thank you for showing us that our momma skin is beautiful and to be not ashamed of it."

"Beautiful #mommyskin," a commenter wrote. "So happy that someone in the spotlight represents it."

One fan penned: "Love how she didn’t edit her skin."

Someone said: "I love that you’re so comfortable in your own skin!!! You look amazing for having three babies, seriously an inspiration! 💕."

Although it's not clear if Decker anticipated these positive reactions, it's obvious she's confident in her own skin. And Decker wants other parents out there to feel the same way.

Decker captioned a side-by-side shot of herself, according to Instagram:

My goal as a mom of 3 now is to be healthy and fit and feel good. I will admit I was anxious about having a bikini shoot after just having a baby and maybe I even cried a little from being so nervous and worried people would say not nice things. But I woke up feeling ok about it today because I want to show other mamas that we can do it. We can be fit and healthy together in our own time and feel good in our own skin.

Decker continued:

People who don’t have babies don’t understand how much our bodies change. But we are super hero’s to grow a human and it makes me that more driven to work hard knowing what our bodies can do! I love y’all and let’s get fit together

Of course, each person and parent has a different version of what "fit" looks like. But most people share a common bond of wanting to feel good and confident about their bodies, something that Decker has seemingly achieved. And it's amazing that Decker is using her platform to inspire body positivity and self-love in others, and that parents are applauding her for those efforts.

So, here's to all the parents out there — including Decker — who are proud to show off their "momma skin."