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People Are Confused About Lindsay Lohan Defending Trump

If there's anyone who understands how rough it is to be in the public eye, it's likely Lindsay Lohan. The actress basically grew up in the spotlight and was often the subject of tabloid headlines, exposing her to bullies when she was struggling the most. Still, people are really confused about Lohan defending President Trump on Twitter. Because of all the things Lohan's done over the years, this might be one of the most bizarre.

Lohan responded to a tweet from another user, who was asking CNN "crybabies" to stop "whining" about Donald Trump for posting a video of him wrestling with the CNN logo. Instead, this other user asked people to remember that the president supports British infant Charlie Gard, a baby suffering from a terminal condition whom the European Court of Human Rights denied the the right to travel to the United States for an experimental treatment (for their part, medical experts argued that the treatment would likely do nothing to ease his suffering or prolong a quality life for the infant and ruled that allowing him to die peacefully would be the more humane option).

Lohan apparently connected with the message of the tweet and replied, "THIS IS our president. Stop #bullying him & start trusting him. Thank you personally for supporting #THEUSA." She also added a tweet that called the Trump family "lovely people."

It's odd for a couple reasons. The first is that it doesn't really seem to be about anti-bullying, since the tweet Lohan essentially endorsed calls any opponents of Trump "crybabies" and whiners. Those aren't nice things to say to people. But there's more to it than that, especially since Lohan appeared to back Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

Twitter Is Justifiably Confused By The Defense

Trump Supporters Are Obviously Pleased With The Endorsement

It's also odd that she asks Americans to "trust" Trump, especially since he's been accused of sexual assault and harassment, among other things (he's never been convicted or charged on those counts, it's important to note); Back in 2012, after Lohan alleged she was assaulted (she later dropped the charges), she tweeted that all women should feel empowered to speak about abuse of any kind.

In addition, Lohan has been very busy helping Syrian refugees now that she lives in Europe full time. Given Trump's stance on refugees and immigrants in general (ban them!), it's definitely a strange reaction.

To add to all that, as previously mentioned, Lohan endorsed Hillary Clinton with a tweet and an Instagram post. In February 2016, she posted a Clinton quote from one of the Benghazi hearings that read, "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that can change at the blink of an eye. Be patient. It's a virtue." Lohan added, "I couldn't understand you more." It appeared that, at the time, Lohan endorsed Clinton because she understood what it was to be judged by the public unfairly.

But maybe not. Maybe it wasn't even an endorsement, just an affinity for the quote. Maybe this defense of Trump is just as random. What does "thank you personally for supporting the USA" mean anyway? Figuring out Lindsay Lohan may be a futile endeavor. Maybe energies would be better spent elsewhere on all sides.