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People Think Kylie Jenner Will Be A Good Mom... But For A Really F-ed Up Reason

Ever since news of Kylie Jenner's pregnancy broke the internet, people have had a lot of feelings about the 20-year-old's impending motherhood. She's too young, we should have seen this coming, she'll be a great/terrible mother because (fill in the blank.) Well now, people are apparently convinced Kylie Jenner will be a good mom only because of her money, and it's pretty messed up.

TMZ broke the news of Jenner's pregnancy on Friday evening, sending shockwaves across social media as much of the nation was finishing up the workweek. Although Jenner's baby news has yet to be officially confirmed, here's what we know so far:

  • Allegedly, she started telling friends about her pregnancy earlier this month.
  • Her boyfriend, Travis Scott, has also allegedly been sharing the news with his friends.
  • They are supposedly expecting a baby girl.
  • She is reportedly due in February.

Still, as no one — not Jenner, Scott, or their representatives — has officially confirmed these details, or even the fact that there is a pregnancy, it's probably a good idea to take this information with a grain of salt. But if Jenner really is pregnant, fans shouldn't be all that surprised; the fashion icon/social media queen/makeup mogul has spoken openly about wanting to start a family by her mid-20s. It's a tad earlier than she'd planned. But hey, life happens.

All of the uncertainty surrounding the state of Jenner's uterus hasn't stopped the world from chiming in with their opinions on the situation. Some of the immediate reactions were pure shock and disbelief. Others were disappointed and even criticized the 20-year-old for getting pregnant at what some consider a young age.

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More baffling yet, perhaps, are the folks who are 100-percent convinced that Jenner will be a great mom for one simple fact: She's filthy rich.

Others have urged young women not to follow in the reality star's footsteps. Because obviously, their lack of wealth would make them terrible mothers. *Eye roll*

Still, others have piped up against the whole more-money-equals-better-parent line of thinking.

As a mom who is not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, I take issue with this flawed logic. Sure, it's preferable to have some level of financial stability. (It definitely makes this whole parenthood gig easier, at least.) But how can you even begin to judge a person's parenting skills based on their level of wealth? There are many young moms (moms who are even younger than Jenner) who don't have a lot of money and who are great parents. Newsflash: Fame and fortune don't always translate to raising decent human beings.

By that logic, I guess I'm a sub-par mother. I got married one month after graduating from college and was holding a positive pregnancy test in my hand that December. I was 22 — just two years older than Jenner is now. So I was young and broke. Worse than broke, actually, if you take into account my student loans, my husband's student loans, car loans, etc. Despite our less-than-stellar financial situation, I'd like to think my husband and I turned out to be decent parents. (I guess you can ask my kids in 20 years for a review.)

Jenner and Scott's baby will undoubtedly have designer diaper bags, a rockin' nursery, and who knows — maybe this pregnancy will inspire the mama-to-be to create her own maternity and baby clothing lines — but fortune of this magnitude doesn't necessarily translate in the parenting realm.

To be fair, I'm not saying Jenner is doomed to be a terrible mom — just that her wealth doesn't guarantee it. One thing I do think would help the alleged-parents-to-be in the long run is Jenner's close relationships with her older sisters, Kim and Kourtney, who are already mothers. (As well as her own mom, Chris.) Having experience with her nieces and nephews also gives her an idea of what's to come.

Of course, I still wish Jenner and Scott the best of luck during their (still alleged) pregnancy and journey into new parenthood. Because wealthy or not, their lives are about to change in very big ways.

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