People Are Sharing The Best Lies Kids Ever Told Them & Boy Oh Boy, Kids Are Creative

Even though it's totally cliché, kids really do say the darnedest things, don't they? I, for one, tend to cringe when I think back to all the stupid things I said as a kid and the impossible stories I told. But it's still kind of funny, because... hey, kids will be kids and having a wild imagination is what they're good at, right. Almost everyone — especially parents — has a memorable and bizarre tale a kid told them back in the day. It might've been your own kid or your best friend in elementary school, but kids know how to keep things creative. Over the weekend, hundreds of people took to Twitter to share the best lies kids ever told them so everyone else could enjoy these hilarious fables, too.

David Thorpe (Twitter user @Arr) asked his followers to look back to those oh so creative, outlandish, and ridiculous lies children had come up with. "Ok, tell me about the kid you knew as a kid who lied a lot. Hit me with their greatest lie," Thorpe wrote in a tweet on Jan. 19. For me, I remember one kid who assured us all that yes, her father did party with Willie Nelson and yes, her sister did know Hillary Duff and duh, she was going to marry a Jonas Brother. Her uncle knew their dad. Obviously.

So with Thorpe's simple prompt, thousands of replies came rolling in, the next (somehow) even greater than the last. Seriously, kids are masters at crafting stories and some of these Twitter users seemingly fell victim to some pretty out there fibs.

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Listen, when you're a kid and your friend tells you that his dad was actually Superman, you probably believed him. As a child, it was easy to believe those lies, because your world was made up of animated singing fish and comic book characters brought to life. And obviously, some of these lies are really out there, but humorous to read nonetheless. But, for whatever reason, kids do love to make up stories. And many parenting experts find that kids lying or making up creative, outlandish tales is totally normal. "It’s actually a sign of healthy development," as parenting advice columnist Melinda Wenner Moyer wrote for Slate.

Indeed, according to Parents magazine, "studies show that bright kids (who are capable of making up a story and getting others to believe it) can pick up the skill as early as age 2 or 3." Speaking to the publication, Victoria Talwar, Ph.D., described lying as "a developmental milestone, much like learning to get dressed by yourself or to take turns," adding that "all children stretch the truth at times."

As normal as it is for kids to lie and come up with some of the most bizarrely unbelievable stories, it makes it all the more noteworthy, right? If not only for your own childhood memories at school, but any parent can likely verify that you'll gain plenty of these gems with your own kids.

Of course, there are ways to influence more honest behavior in your kids, but as a parent, you sometimes just go along with it all and listen in amazement at how their imagination comes up with these very *creative* tales.

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