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People Think Anna Kournikova Faked Her Pregnancy, & It's Really Offensive

In December 2017, former tennis pro Anna Kournikova welcomed twins into the world with her longtime partner, Enrique Iglesias, according to TMZ. Although many fans were thrilled to learn of this exciting milestone, others haven't been as positive about the news. In fact, some people are questioning whether Anna Kournikova's pregnancy actually happened.Yep, there are fans out there who think Kournikova faked her pregnancy and their conspiracy theories will make your blood boil.

On Monday, Kournikova took to Instagram to share her first post-pregnancy workout with fans. "#Monday #BackAtIt," Kournikova captioned the fit video alongside a flexed arm emoji. And in the vid, you can hear Kournikova deeply breathing in and out as she extends her leg back and forth into the air while in pushup position.

Of course, one can assume that Kournikova is thrilled to be back at the gym given her long career as a professional athlete. Although it's totally possible and even likely that Kournikova hit the gym while pregnant (which is safe for most expecting parents to do), she might not have been able to perform some of her favorite exercises while carrying her daughter, Lucy, and son, Nicholas. Working out can be a tad difficult when you're carrying two humans, to say the least.

That being said, it's really cool that Kournikova, who is totally dedicated to fitness and the like, decided to share a slice of her postpartum joy with fans. It's always a good feeling to share what you love with other people, right?

Sadly for Kournikova, however, some people attempted to burst her bubble by questioning the legitimacy of her pregnancy. Why, you ask? Apparently, a few fans think Kournikova appears too "thin" and fit for someone who just gave birth one month ago.

One fan wrote, according to Instagram:

A lot of us don’t believe anyone can look like this within a month and a bit..Never in a month of Sunday’s do I believe that this woman has had twins with C.section and look still the same as before. Skinny and sinewy her arms are just so thin and not one ounce of fat on her is not jealousy it’s firkin unbelievably so.

Another person chimed in:

Where’s the “postpartum belly” you had just last week??? Now of a sudden your belly is flat?!!! Especially C-Section Hahaha....how can you all believe the lies that are right in front of you....what’s sad that you Mother’s on here are defending this.

And one particularly convinced conspiracy theorist declared: "I don't wanna people get fooled by her, because I know it on 💯 that she was never pregnant and she didn't have C-Section."

But here's the major problem with the naysayers comments: There's no "right" way for a person to look postpartum. A lot of parents, for example, have a noticeable bump months after they give birth, while others quickly revert back to their pre-pregnancy body following the delivery. Every person is different and there's no textbook definition of how a person should look post-delivery. And judging a person for their postpartum appearance (or cooking up conspiracy theories, for that matter) is not only hurtful, but it's just wrong.

Not to mention, it shouldn't be shocking or suspicious that Kournikova, a talented athlete, is returning to her exercise regimen just one month after giving birth.

Take yoga instructor and Alec Baldwin's wife, Hilaria Baldwin, for example. Hilaria received a lot of flak for working out shortly after giving birth to her third child, Leonardo, and things eventually got so bad, that she felt compelled to pen a powerful note about how each body is different.

A portion of Hilaria's note reads, according to Instagram:

Every body is different. Every pregnancy is different ... Fitness is my job... which means my body is accustomed to working out. I ran through much of my pregnancy and worked out throughout the entirety of it ... So please: stop with the negativity about me just having a baby. I don't want to sit down, lay down, and do nothing.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with wanting to just chill on the couch after your delivery. Each parent should do what's right for their own body.

The good news is a few commenters agree with my assessment.

One of Kournikova's defenders wrote: "I can't understand women judging other women for their life choices! As if a woman is supposed to be "swollen/tired/in bed/with baby fat" for a year after??! ... Every body is different. Every pregnancy is different." Someone else added: "And keep in mind, Anna is an athlete & she eats healthy. She doesn't keep her phone in her hands 24/7 judging how other women's lives are, instead she goes out and takes care of herself and her wellbeing, which is something we should all look up to, instead of you pointing fingers at her for... being happy for finally becoming a mother!"

Going forward, hopefully fans will treat Kournikova with a bit more respect because no person deserves to have their body and pregnancy scrutinized.

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