People Who Have Never Seen 'Star Wars' Try To Guess Characters' Names, & Fail Tragically — VIDEO

Let me preface this by saying that while I am not a Star Wars fan, I am by no means anti-Star Wars or anti-George Lucas. Actually, all of the hype surrounding this brand new Star Wars movie, which is a continuation of the movies of the 70's that fans initially fell in love with, is pretty contagious. Even people who aren't Star Wars fans can agree that the big deal about the Star Wars: The Force Awakens makes for an exciting opening weekend. If nothing else, the hype gives us something to talk about, like all the super fans camping out ahead of time in order to get choice seats at the premiere. As much of an annoying fan of pretty much any Marvel or DC movie as I am, I have never even considered setting up a tent outside of the movie theater weeks prior to a release of one of the many movies. Then again, even I can admit that those movies don't hold as much of a candle, or gigantic following, as the Star Wars movies always have.

Distractify found several people who have never seen Star Wars. Yes, we do exist. And no, we haven't been living under several large rocks. We all tend to know the basics, though. You know, how the whole movie has an underlying soap opera feel to it. You don't have a storyline about unknown parentage and unknown siblings who accidentally kind of dig each other unless you're writing from a soap opera point of view. Which I can totally get behind, because, drama. What sets non-Star Wars fans like me apart from other non-fans though, is that I like to think I'm pretty well-versed in the different characters' names. As in, I know that R2D2 is not, in fact, called PS3, as suggested in the video. Or that Darth Maul, despite his clownish face, is not instead named Darth Juggalo (although we should probably look into changing it to that).

Here's what happens when people who haven't seen Star Wars try to guess the deal with various characters:

"This is a character? That's just a soccer ball."

To this guy's credit, R2-D2's super round shape and colors do sort of make it resemble a kind of legit soccer ball.

"Robot... 456."

Hey, at least she knows it's a robot, right? And that there is a number in the name. So, there's that.

"Looks like Dobby, from 'Harry Potter'!"

I mean, she not wrong.

"That is going to be... Grandpa Luke."

Well, no. Just, no. But good guess?

"It definitely does look like Iron Man's cousin."

The confidence with which she says this is actually kind of scary.

"I always see Princess Layla on Halloween."

No, you don't. But that's super close!

"Is it sh*t? Because it could very well be just sh*t with eyes."

I mean, no, not sh*t. But that's a legit guess.

"This is Darth Vader's brother. He is Garth."

Well no, he is not, from the little knowledge I have. But I love how she's just so sure.

And just to test them even harder, this 'Star TREK' guy, who is, apparently, "Probably one of the throwaway characters that are, like, the bad guy's assistant."

From this guy's shirt, I can surmise that he is a Star Trek character, as opposed to Star Wars, but that's where my knowledge pretty much dies on the subject. So I feel her pain.

Check out the actual video:

It's OK, guys. No one needs to know this stuff.

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