Dog in Baby Yoda Pet Halloween Costume From Petsmart

Doggy Baby Yoda, Guinea Pig Unicorn... PetSmart's New Halloween Costumes Are Too Good

No one is quite sure what Halloween will look like this year, but one thing’s the same: your children have probably been thinking about their costumes for months. As you get your family’s costumes in order, PetSmart’s Halloween costumes for dogs and cats will make sure you don’t forget about the four-legged members of your crew. After all, dressing up your pet is the best because, well, they can’t change their mind on October 30 and they’re bound to look ridiculously cute.

2019 research from the National Retail Federation showed that Americans were set to spend $490 million on Halloween costumes for their pets. As a pet-owner, I know that I'll happily pay to see my dog dressed as a narwhal, a hot dog, or perhaps… a donut? PetSmart is making these dreams a reality with their extensive line of pet Halloween costumes, including over 20 disguises for dogs. There are even several options for guinea pigs (in-store only), which is amazing if you've ever looked at your guinea pig and thought... I really wish you were a lobster today.

Read on for some of the cutest costumes from PetSmart's Howl-O-Ween line, and if you know your pup will try to eat the costume (mine would) then you may want to check out the Halloween dog toys instead.

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A Mail Carrier

Show some love to the USPS with this amazing mail carrier costume, equipped with a letter sack, a package, and even a little hat. This comes in a bunch of sizes each with an adjustable velcro strap designed to fit both dogs and cats (though I'm afraid of what a cat may drag in as a "special delivery").


A Majestic Creature

Well guys, it looks like unicorns do exist. This costume includes shiny wings and of course, a horn attached to a hood that will either keep your pet warm or annoy them to no end. If nothing else, this costume is great for a quick photo opp, and there's also a guinea pig unicorn costume available.



Who knew how funny a dog in a wig could be? I'm laughing just from looking at this picture, so you can imagine how delightful it would be to see a dog in this Beetlejuice costume IRL. The polyester jacket slips on and off easily so your pet stays comfy and you stay highly entertained.


A Minion

Baby Yoda aka The Child is looking like one of 2020's most popular Halloween costumes, as Romper previously reported. Your pet can get in on the fun with this hilarious costume inspired by Star Wars: The Mandalorian.


A Mean Girls Inspired Costume

Your dog or cat is definitely not, like, a regular pet; they're a cool pet and this costume is honestly too good. 16 years after the movie came out, this Mean Girls quote still is as relevant and funny as ever, especially when it's written on a dog.