All The Pregnant Duggar Women Cradled Their Bumps & Posed For One Adorable Photo

If you weren't convinced that Counting On fans were in the midst of a Duggar Baby Boom, this photo of all the pregnant Duggar women posing together, with their bumps on display, will do the trick. On Wednesday, the Duggar family gathered to celebrate Amy (Duggar) King's baby sprinkle. And because there are currently five women in the family currently expecting their own bundles of joy, they simply had to capture this moment.

King, who is a cousin of the famous Duggar family, shared a photo of all the expectant mamas at her sprinkle in Springdale, Arkansas on Instagram. In the photo, there's King, of course, along with John-David Duggar's wife Abbie, Josiah Duggar's wife Lauren, Josh Duggar's wife Anna, and Joe Duggar's wife Kendra.

For the caption, she simply used five hearts: one blue and the rest pink. All of the Duggar women have revealed the sex of their respective babies, but here's a little rundown of who is expecting what. King is currently expecting her first child with her husband Dillon King, and their baby-to-be is a boy, as she shared on Instagram back in June. As such, that means that all of the others are expecting baby girls.

Back in June, Kendra and Joe shared their exciting news on Instagram as well. "We are so excited to announce the gender of baby number #2....It’s a GIRL," they captioned a photo them with their son Garret. "We are so thrilled to welcome our sweet baby girl this November!"

Josiah and Lauren, who suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage last fall, also shared their news of a baby girl on the way on Instagram. On June 25, the couple shared of photo of themselves standing together, Lauren in a pretty pink dress, holding a sign that read, "It's a GIRL!" In the caption, they wrote: "Baby girl, you are already so loved and a joy to our family! Your fingers are small but you already have your daddy’s wrapped around them and you will forever have mommy’s heart! God is so kind to give us you."

Also in June, Josh and Anna, who are expecting their sixth child, shared a video of their sex reveal party, writing on Instagram: "Each child God has given us is unique and special — we all look forward to the arrival of our daughter / sister this fall!"

And most recently, John-David and Abbie Duggar announced that they too are expecting a baby girl. We couldn’t be more excited to announce...ITS A GIRL!!!" they captioned a photo them with pink confetti floating around them shared on Instagram earlier this week.

Many fans took to King's photo, however, to note that they were sad to see that Joy-Anna Duggar was not in the photo. "Joy should be in this picture," one person commented, while another said, "Can’t help look at this and feel some pain for Joy when she sees it." Earlier this summer, Joy-Anna and her husband Austin Forsyth shared on Instagram that they had suffered a tragic miscarriage at 20 weeks. While Joy-Anna has not chimed in on the commentary, it feels to safe to assume, because this family is so close, that the decision about the photo was a thoughtful one and hopefully made with everyone's input.

And as Counting On fans anticipate the arrival of the next generation of Duggar babies, hopefully more sweet moments like this will grace their newsfeeds soon.