Photos Of Emma Watson As Belle In 'Beauty And The Beast' Show A Familiar Tale Reimagined

Emma Watson is guaranteed to put the beauty in Disney's new highly-anticipated live-action flick Beauty and the Beast. We've already been teased with the trailer, and now thankfully, there's "something there that wasn't there before:" as fans are finally getting the first photos of Emma Watson as Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

After reviewing the images, it's obvious that someone did their homework when reproducing the 1991 Disney classic. Emma Watson's Belle looks almost identical to the cartoon, except for the fact that she is wearing her blue ribbon as a stylish headband instead of a ponytail holder.

From the photo, Harry Potter's bookish Hermione Granger completely incapsulates what Belle is about — inquisitive and yearning for more. This beauty brings brains. And the on-screen passion is no performance, it's genuine and mirrors the Brown University grad's education and love for learning.

I personally couldn't be more happy to see the amazing feminist step up to an entirely new role, becoming a solid role model for little girls (who may recognize Belle, an iconic Disney character, over feminism at their young age) everywhere.

Another photo that was leaked shows an elegant Belle in her iconic yellow dress. The dress sparkles and shines like all of our anticipations for this visual retelling of the "tale as old as time." In the image, Belle looks down and tilts her head away from the Beast, looking a tad resentful, but unafraid.

The background of the image reveals a shattered window pane behind her, likely indicating the rift and torn feelings Belle has for her captor. The broken glass also speaks for the pain she experiences as a castle prisoner and longing to see her father.

This type of detail comes as no surprise. As previously seen from the trailer, it's safe to expect that the entire film will pay some straight-forward homage to the original.

After examining these photos, I'm even more hype to see how other characters will be brought to life throughout the film! Until then, you can sit at the edge of your seat alongside me, eagerly awaiting this upcoming live-action Disney film and others to come like The Lion King and The Jungle Book 2!