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Photos of Michael Phelps & Nicole Johnson Reveal Just How In Love They Really Are

U.S. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the rest of Team USA, competing at this year's Summer Olympics to bring home even more gold medals to add to his already heaping pile of 24-karat accomplishments. With him are his parents, Debbie and Michael Phelps, from Baltimore, Maryland, and his 31-year-old fiancée, Nicole Johnson. Adorably, she's also brought their 3-month-old son Boomer to Rio as well, cheering his daddy on bedecked in a patriotic red, white, and blue baby carrier that bears his father's initials "MP." Photos of Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson — from both their time in Rio so far and from earlier in their relationship — show the world they are one ridiculously cute and fun-loving couple.

Not only that, but photos of Phelps and Johnson show that they are both clearly proud, beaming parents — and, amazingly, able to deftly navigate that parenting hazing period known as the newborn months all while Phelps maintains his complex, demanding training regimen for the Olympics and other elite-level swimming competitions. Johnson has been in the stands with her soon-to-be in-laws every day that her fiancé has been in the water, and was there too when Phelps lead his team to win the gold medal in the men's 4-by-100-meter freestyle relay on Sunday. Here's a look at six photos of Phelps and Johnson that show just committed they are to one another.

Longtime Sweethearts

Johnson shared this Instagram screenshot of a text conversation with Phelps in September 2014. The pair originally met in 2009 and dated until 2012, when they broke it off for a brief while. In February 2015, Johnson and Phelps got engaged. This sweet little exchange of texts shows a candid, often unseen glimpse into a couple that is clearly head-over-heels for one another.

A Caffeinated Couple On The Go

"Thank you @hilary_phelps for introducing me to what a flat white is and thank you to @m_phelps00 for taking me to get one!" read the Instagram caption from Johnson's photo posted in January of last year. This isn't the only photo of Phelps and Johnson scarfing down cups of coffee, either — with such an active lifestyle, these two need to keep themselves fueled and ready to go!

A Blissfully Happy Family

Phelps posted this peaceful Instagram family portrait in early June with a simple caption: "Nothing like being home with the family!!!" This is one of many, many photos of Johnson and Phelps with their son — and they all look so adorably happy together. Little Boomer looks like he's got some truly doting, awesome parents.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Just before leaving for Rio, Johnson posted this to her Instagram with the caption: "Getting kisses from daddy while he works" — proof that no matter how hectic Phelps's training might get, Johnson and their son Boomer are happy to cheer on daddy poolside.

Hopelessly Devoted

I couldn't resist another beautifully candid family shot, this one from Johnson's Instagram. The caption really sums up the devotion that Phelps and Johnson have for one another: "9 years ago today you walked into my life @m_phelps00 who knew through all the ups and downs that 9 years later we would have started to build our family 💗 I love you and I can't wait for what our future holds!!" While they haven't yet announced their official wedding date, the couple plans to get married after the Olympics.

Team USA All The Way

"We're gettin our kicks ready for #rio2016 #teamusa" says the caption from Johnson's Instagram just three weeks ago as their family got ready to head to Rio for the Olympics. With Johnson and Phelps sporting patriotic pairs of Toms — and Boomer in a pair of stupidly cute baby "Go For Gold" moccasins from Freshly Picked — they make American Olympic pride downright chic.