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Obama Takes Manhattan

Let's face it: We've missed him. We've missed his easy smile, his laid back sense of humor, his charisma. So when photos of President Obama in New York surfaced on the internet, obviously we had a melancholy breakdown. Because it really wasn't so long ago that this man was leading the country. And now it's that new guy, and all we've got left are some pictures of Obama in New York City, getting coffee like he's some kind of normal person or something.

Obama was in New York visiting an office building on Fifth Avenue. As he walked out of the building carrying a coffee (I feel like it was something with whipped cream, maybe a caramel macchiato), people lined the streets to cheer for him. They applauded, they called out for him to give a speech, he gave a little wave and drove away. I don't know about you, but it was like stepping back in time to a gentler era. Before Donald Trump actually became the for real president of the United States. Before press conferences were held at the White House without much of the press (Trump has banned several major news outlets from press briefings, including The New York Times, Politico, and CNN).

It feels like a century ago, but it's actually been less than two months. Now we have to satisfy ourselves with glimpses of the Obamas taking New York by storm. People were so excited to see him doing normal things like getting coffee, maybe just because it was a reminder that we didn't imagine it all; He really did exist.

President Obama also took in a show on Broadway with daughter Malia, who is getting ready to start her internship with Oscar-winning producer Harvey Weinstein (also can we get a new show based on Malia Obama's life stat, please?). They caught Arthur Miller's The Price, and got together with the show's stars Mark Ruffalo, and Danny DeVito backstage for a photo op.

The father/daughter duo took in dinner at Emilio's Ballato in the East Village, a classic Italian, unpretentious eatery, and now I'm thinking tour guides should put together a sort of Obamas Take Manhattan tour so we can all enjoy the same experience.

So how did the internet feel about seeing the Obamas? Well, one person wasn't too happy about all the attention Obama was getting.

Much like that first bit of thaw after a long winter, the sun peaking through the clouds when everything has been grey and dull, some people felt rejuvenated by the mere presence of Obama.

Seeing Obama out on the town in NYC is much like seeing your favorite teacher from high school out in public after you've graduated. It's a little unsettling, but also weirdly inspiring. A reminder that there was, indeed, a happier time, and that perhaps all hope is not lost. Thanks for the sunshine, Obama.