Photos Of San Bernardino Suspects Caught By Police Capture The Horror Of The Scene — PHOTOS

Update: According to officials, two of the suspected San Bernardino shooters are dead following a shoot-out with police, and one of the suspected shooters is a female. Late Wednesday authorities identified the suspects killed as Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, the woman, and said they had been in a relationship. Farook was a U.S. citizen and an employee of the of the San Bernardino County Health Department. Further details about Malik are not yet known. Police also detained a third individual at the scene, but it's unclear whether or not that person is connected to the shooting at the Inland Regional Center (where officials say they might have found an explosive device).

In a press conference earlier, the San Bernardino Police Department Chief Jarrod Burguan confirmed that up to three people opened fire at Inland Regional Center, leaving upwards of 14 people dead, with at least 21 additional people injured. At the time of the press conference, law enforcement was still clearing the scene, and the search for the suspects was ongoing.

Earlier: On Wednesday midmorning, a shooting took place at Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California. Upwards of one to three suspects fled the scene following the shooting that has killed 14 and wounded 17, and two suspects in the San Bernardino shooting have been apprehended by officers after a police pursuit (one of the suspects being female). The New York Times reports that chatter came in on the local police scanner just after 3 p.m. CT saying that shots had been fired at 1757 Richardson in San Bernardino. "It's a very bad situation," could be heard on the scanner, the NYT reports.

After a 16-minute stand off, an officer then allegedly reported "suspect down." Local media, adds the New York Times, showed a man on the ground, lying limp and not moving. A long gun appears to sit next to his body on the ground, shadowed by a tree overhead. Across the street, a black SUV covered in bullet holes is believed to be the suspect's vehicle. Most of the suspect's body seems to be covered by a tree, and ABC has made a concerted effort not to show the suspect's body, as it's a fairly gory scene.

Prior to the police pursuit, Jarrod Burguan, chief of the San Bernardino Police Department told local and national media on the scene that he and local law enforcement had "no information at this point to indicate this is terrorist related in the sense that people may have been thinking." He added:

They came prepared for what they did and they were on a mission. They came in with a purpose. They came in with the intent to do something.

Minutes later, the police pursuit took place.

Early reports indicate that there could be an additional one to two suspects still at large. Sgt. Vicki Cervantes of the San Bernardino Police Department:

There were shots fired, officers were involved, and a suspect is down.

These photos are not graphic images. Instead, they show the police approach to the situation, as well as the standoff that took place.

The Police En Route

A police car takes off in pursuit of the at-large suspected gunmen.

Police Find The Black SUV

A team of police trucks and vehicles happen upon the black SUV.

The Black SUV, Riddled With Bullet Holes

A photo of the suspect's reported vehicle, with gunshots visible through the front windshield.

The Black SUV Parked And Police Officials Approaching

The black SUV was parked.

A Close-Up Of The SUV

Again, with bullet holes.

An Aerial Close-Up Of The SUV

Bullet holes by police can be found all over the car.

Police Approach The Vehicle

Reports indicate that there may be more than one suspect in the car. Police approach the vehicle.

Police Approach The Vehicle

A team of police approach the suspect's vehicle.

Police Receive Backup

A team of officers standby to help.

Police Gather

Officers in San Bernardino prepare to move toward the suspect's vehicle.

Police Enter The Black SUV

Where it's believed a second suspect was inside.

The Scene

Police swarm the suspect's vehicle.

Police Sweeping For A Possible Third Suspect

Police in the area are reportedly in search for a possible third suspect.

Images: Heather/Flickr, CBS News