Photos Of The iPhone X Will Seriously Make You Drool

If you're already someone who stands in line for new iPhone releases, get ready a serious case of want. Apple unveiled its most advanced phone yet on Tuesday, and newly released photos of the iPhone X are seriously drool-worthy (which hey, you totally can, because the iPhone X is water-resistant). Pre-orders for the new smartphone don't open up until the end of October — and the iPhone X won't ship until November — but in the meantime, there are plenty of pictures and videos out there that will get Apple users excited for the product.

Apple leaders are already calling this iteration of the iPhone "the future of the smartphone," as Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing put it, and it seems like most tech-savvy users are ready to agree. The phone features updated dual cameras, innovative face identification, and a crystal clear display. The phone's screen also stretches out to take up the entire front face of the phone (which makes it a really pretty piece of technology) and it has a glass back that lets it charge through a wireless system.

Regardless of whether you're an "iPhone person" or not, the iPhone X is a fairly glorious creation. In case you're doubtful, let's take a closer look at some photos of it.

Look At All. That. Screen. Space.

If you manage to put your "Home" button nostalgia aside (let's have a minute of silence for it, please), the new full-screen front on the iPhone X will knock your socks off.

Animoji Are Now A Thing

Using its front-facing camera, the iPhone X will let you animate your emoji and send sound clips that match up with the animoji's movements. So if you write your friend that you're LOLing, your emoji better actually be laughing out loud.

Even Charging Looks Glamorous

If your bedside table is home to the same tangle of cords as mine is, you'll love the iPhone X's new ability to charge wirelessly. You can also charge AirPods and Apple Watches all on the same charging pad, helping eliminate multiple corded eyesores from your room or office.

It's Water-Resistant, Guys

Considering the amount of electronics I've lost to glasses of water, the picture above should fill me with horror. But the iPhone X is water-resistant, and it actually looks surprisingly gorgeous surrounded by a few droplets.

Its Camera & Screen Resolution Are Like Woah

The picture above makes it pretty clear that the iPhone X will deliver gorgeous photos with its 12-megapixel dual cameras, and display them beautifully with its Super Retina display.

The iPhone X's Rear-Facing Camera Is Changing

This is a different look for the rear-facing camera than we've seen on previous models, but it's still sleek and smooth. The camera, combined with the iPhone X's face ID, will also let users take photos that have studio quality lighting, so prepare for some professional-looking selfies.

The new iPhone X is priced starting at $999, so while the smartphone is definitely a stunner, all of that beauty comes at a steep price. Still, even with an expensive price tag, many Twitter users are reacting to the iPhone X's reveal by saying "Take my money," so something tells me that Apple won't struggle to sell its latest model.

If you're looking to get your hands on the smartphone, Apple will be making the iPhone X available for pre-order on Oct. 27 and begin shipping as soon as Nov. 3. It's definitely a pricey piece of equipment, but with holidays around the corner, it could make a good gift for that tech-obsessed person in your life (ha, just kidding, this is definitely an "it's all mine" purchasing situation and there is no shame in that).