Phillippe Bosse/ABC

Photos Of Vanessa's Ring Will Make You Swoon

Did anyone really think that the ring Nick chose for Vanessa wouldn’t be amazing? We can’t forget that he’s already done this a couple of times and the photos of Vanessa’s engagement ring on The Bachelor prove just that. Still, when Nick proposed to Vanessa on the season finale of The Bachelor, it was just as endearing as all of the other times he’s gotten this close to getting engaged in Bachelor Nation.

The ring Nick chose was another expensive Neil Lane diamond engagement ring (of course) and Twitter is understandably all over it. Not because they can’t believe that Nick finally proposed to someone who said yes, but because he continues to have amazing taste when it comes to engagement rings. I know, he’s done it before so he definitely has legit experience in picking the right one, but Vanessa’s engagement ring on The Bachelor is not only perfect for her, but it says a lot about Nick that he was able to pick it out with just her in mind.

Of course the next big question on everyone’s mind is what happens to that gorgeous thing if the couple doesn’t work out, and according to Chris Harrison, the ring eventually goes back to Neil Lane. If they stick it out for a couple of years though, the ring stays. And that’s totally understandable, but for now, it’s kind of hard not to obsess over this impressive piece of bling and hope that now that she has the ring is on her finger, it's there to stay.

The $93,000 ring is a pretty impressive choice for Nick but you now, he has plenty of experience in picking out engagement rings. And hopefully this means that this will be the last time jokes will be made about his engagement history. Before Nick met with Neil Lane again to pick one out he said, “Finding a ring is the second hardest thing I’ll have to do today," but when you have a selection of rings that are valued in the five figure range, I think it's safe to say that any of them are going to be perfect.

There's never any doubt that whatever ring is picked out on The Bachelor is going to be amazing and full of bling, but that doesn't mean that fans can't be so excited about Vanessa's engagement ring. Once again though, Nick has plenty of experience in picking them out, so if he showed up with something less sparkly than any of those season premiere evening gowns, it'd be way too weird.