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Pink Shared An Empowering Message About Loving Her "Thunder Thighs" In An Epic Photo

Many women feel insecure about their bodies. Constantly comparing ourselves to others, feeling self-conscious... Well, enough is enough. Instead, let's all take a little inspiration from Pink, who recently celebrated her self-described "thunder thighs" in an empowering appreciation post.

On Tuesday, Pink shared an incredible photo of herself wakeboarding like a total champion. The mom of 9-year-old daughter Willow and 3-year-old son Jameson looks happy and focused in the photo, smiling down at the waves as she finds her balance. Of course, she is displaying her best safe water practices in the waves by wearing a life jacket. And, of course, she used the photo to share an inspiring message for any woman out there who might struggle with self-doubt about her own body or might look down at her thighs and feel like they're too big, too wide. Too much like "thunder thighs."

"I always wondered why God gave me thunder thighs," Pink captioned her amazing photo. "It’s cause he knew I’d use them. #throwingbuckets #strongismygoal #wakesurfgirl #somebodysponsormealready."

Pink's followers were moved by her confidence and her celebration of her own body. "Beautiful strong legs so you can tuuuuuuuuuurrrrn up!" one fan commented, while another said, "Man I’ll be so stoked when we get away from vanity and start acknowledging the POWER in our capabilities and what our bodies allow us to do!! Grateful for you!"

The "Beautiful Trauma" singer has a history of changing the conversation about body image, including dealing with the reality of aging. In January, for instance, she shared an open letter to herself about her changing face on Twitter. "Dear Me, you’re getting older," her letter began. "I see lines. Especially when you smile. Your nose is getting bigger.. You look (and feel) weird as you get used to this new reality. But your nose looks like your kids, and your face wrinkles where you laugh. And yeah you idiot..u smoked."

Pink went on to point out that she had made an important decision about personal vanity. "I've decided that my talent and my individuality is far more important than my face. So get on board cause I am about to AGE THE OL FASHIONED WAY (in a tutu ruling sh*t at 30 mph 100 ft in the air over 40) yasssssssss."

Needless to say, Pink's consistent message of honoring and appreciating her own talents, strengths, and her amazing "thunder thighs" is a vital one for so many women.